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Good morning my friends! Hopefully this week will see us back to our regular schedule after a few wonky weeks. Summer, however, is nuts and is likely to throw things off again quickly. Next week, for instance, is our kick off vacation for the summer so we’ll be leaving Thursday for Origins, a gaming convention in Ohio, which will mean no blog next Friday. But I’m going to try really hard to get all three days in this week. So we’ll see how this goes.

We only have two grad parties this year, that I’m aware of, and we’ve just had both of them. This past week was our dear Amanda’s party, which was an hour away, but totally worth it. Logan was supposed to get off early from work so that we could go down sooner, but was unfortunately caught up in things that prevented him from leaving. So we got down there a little after 6 instead of around 5 like we had hoped. There was still plenty of food, though and we got to spend a lot of time chatting with the church family and the in-laws and despite my cold, it was a lovely time. Molly and I discovered we’re an okay match for the see-saw, if it’s moved to one side. My husband didn’t know see-saws could be moved like that, but then again, he and his sisters were always an unequal match since there’s two year gap between him and Lauren and eight years between him and Molly.

Driving home I accidentally managed to call my mom over Facebook. I don’t know how it happened, but I was trying to check a few different messages that popped up and Facebook messenger kept getting in my way. I’m glad it was my mom who I accidentally called and not one of the other messages I happened to have open. I had been trying to answer a message from her when the other things popped up so we chatted for the rest of the car ride home, which was nice. She was supposed to come down on Sunday, but due to bad weather reports, decided to stay home for the day instead.

We went to see Wonder Woman! We’d made plans with some friends to go and see it Saturday morning and then received a promotion from T-MobileĀ for $4 tickets to see the movie so we went for it. It was so worth getting up early for, too! They finally managed to do a DC movie right and I’m so glad it was for Wonder Woman. I think I’ll wait until we see it a second time to review it publicly, if I do at all, but I will say a few things.

The history of women led super hero movies has been a dark and depressing one indeed and instead of producers thinking “Oh, that was a bad movie so it did bad,” they thought “Oh it’s was led by a woman so that’s why it did bad.” And there were no more woman led super hero movies for at least a decade. I was so afraid that DC was going to screw up again and that we were going to have another decade of producers thinking woman led super hero movies don’t sell. But they didn’t, they did it right! They got a director who actually knew the comics, was a fan of the comics and wanted to do right by the character and she made this movie everything it should have been. If you had any doubts about seeing it, let me assure you it is so worth your time.

That little ramble aside, we super enjoyed the movie and then went to lunch with some of the group. We were going to eat at a restaurant that Joe and Abbey found but they were mysteriously closed for some reason. So since we were already in the South Side, we wandered down to the Pub Chip Shop for some yummy British food. If you live near Pittsburgh, you really should check this place out. They do really great British style food ranging from fish and chips to savory pies and now they do breakfast and donuts as well. They are high on my list of best fries I’ve ever had and they have really good mac and cheese, too. I have yet to eat something there that I didn’t like. Okay, so I don’t super care for scotch eggs, but that’s a scotch egg thing and not a them thing. My husband loves them.

To end our Saturday we had an introvert recovery night. We went shopping for a handful of things we needed, went to Half-Priced Books so I could finally get a new notebook for my sermon notes, and then spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the couch with cats. It was a good day.

After church and fellowship meal, which was mostly pasta and fried chicken from Amanda’s grad party, because that’s how that works, I spent most of our chill time reading all of “The Legend of Wonder Woman” from 2015. It was really well done and Etta Candy is basically my best friend if her personality were turned up to 11, and she was from Texas. My husband told me she was from Massachusetts, but what he meant was it takes place in Mass., which is not the same thing at all. But I can forgive him, because I love him so much. We ate chili and I was dumb enough to wear white so my shorts now have chili spots on them because I can’t eat without getting stuff on myself.

And that was my weekend. This week we’ll probably be going to the arts festival on Wednesday and I have a coffee date on Thursday and then a free weekend of all things. I was supposed to have a tea with the IT wives, but I think we’re moving it to the 1st of July? I need to check in on that again. Ah well, we’ll see how things go. I hope you all have a lovely week, my friends.

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