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Of Colds and Cats

Good morning, friends. Long weekends are supposed to be restful things that leave you feeling refreshed when you make your way back to work or school or whatever. That never seems to be the case, however, as we tend to fill our long weekends with stuff and don’t actually get the rest we would have liked to get. This past weekend was full of things and to add onto that, my husband came down with a cold at the very beginning of it. It’s been a very long weekend indeed.

Friday we made a ton of buffalo chicken dip. We took apart two rotisserie chickens and filled a whole crock pot full of dip for my sister-in-law’s grad party on Saturday. That was the extent of our evening. Saturday we got up early, helped set up the party and spent the day hanging out in a pavilion with friends and family while my poor husband drooped. We had a nice time, but Logan was not really feeling the party. Sunday more of the family was droopy and sick, namely the sisters, and we all decided turning in early was the best idea for everyone.

Monday was supposed to be our recovery day. We weren’t going to go anywhere, we were just going to stay home and eat the bag of friend chicken that was sent home with us on Saturday. There was so much chicken left over, it was ridiculous. Anyway, we were instead invite to a cook out with some friends and as Logan was feeling on the mend on Sunday when we were invited, we decided to go. Of course I came down with his cold Monday morning, but still, we already had said we were going, so we went. My throat wasn’t super happy with me, but it hadn’t reached my nose yet, so I felt safe in making scones for the occasion and we took the remaining buffalo chicken dip as well.

We had a lovely time at the party, enjoying the company of Logan’s work friends and their wives. We love hanging out with them, but get to do so far less than we would like. So we ate burgers and hot dogs and chips and had a grand time chatting and then playing a slightly confusing game which involved splitting the group into two different rooms. It took us a round to figure out how it was supposed to work, but once we did it was pretty fun. The big highlight of the night, though, was meeting our friends’ new cat. They adopted her a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to meet her ever since. She’s this gorgeous white cat who only weighs six pounds and some, so she’s tiny. She was very sweet and let me hold her for a while.

Tuesday it was back to work for Logan and I was headed up to my parents place for the day. My sister had called on Monday to say she was coming down Tuesday and Wednesday to visit and to ask if I wanted to get coffee. We didn’t end up getting coffee, but instead played with the plethora of kittens my parents have right now and got Hot Dog Shoppe, which is just as good as getting coffee.

So now you’re all caught up. I played with so many cats in the past two days and it makes my heart happy. My cold seems to be a pretty mild one. I haven’t felt that bad except for the throat thing which lasted two days and now seems to have moved on into a slight cough. I’m hoping it will be all cleared up by the end of the week so that I can enjoy Wonder Woman and a friend’s grad party this weekend. We’ll see how that goes. I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and have a great week, my friends.

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