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Of Easter Weekend

Good morning, friends. You know the drill by now, let’s jump right in.

My husband almost didn’t have to go to work and then he did. Have I mentioned I’m not a fan of his management right now? Anyway, he did have to go in on Good Friday, a day the whole company had off, and fix a bug that took him a full work day. He got home eventually, though, and we walked up to get fish from the fire hall at the top of our street for the last time this year. Sad, really, we like their fish, but we never get to go up as much as we’d like. This year we went twice, though. Last year we only got up there on the last Friday.

So we ate fish and watched the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is still as good as we had hoped it would be. We enjoyed two episodes this weekend and have been quite impressed with how well they carried the tone of the old show. I’m not as into the new mads as I was with the old mads. I guess the whole ratings motivation is less fun for me than pure science or an ambition to take over the world. I guess it’s just as valid as the other two, it’s just not as entertaining. Aside from that, though, I am rather liking the new season.

We had a whole free day and it was lovely out. We slept in until nearly 11 and then drank coffee on the couch for a while and just hung out. You don’t realize how much you miss those kind of days until they happen again. We went for a long walk around the park and enjoyed some fresh air and exercise, which we’re trying to get better about. We might have done some jogging, but Logan left his running shoes in the office gym and we’re both pretty out of shape.

We stopped and grabbed some groceries on our way home, including ripe avocados for guacamole. We are very into guacamole, but haven’t made some in a while since avocados have been out of season and it’s very hard to find ripe ones over the winter. We’re not great with the kind of timing one needs to make guacamole when ripe avocados aren’t available. I had a conversation this week with some friends about how you just have to bend to the will of the avocado, not the other way around. Anyway, we forgot chips, of course, so we had to run over to the dollar store and grab a bag. That worked out well enough, I guess, since it was a smaller bag than we usually would get, so we don’t have a ton of extra chips hanging around that probably won’t get eaten before they go stale.

Saturday night was spent watching MST3K and eating guacamole, until we realized that Easter was on Sunday and we hadn’t made the scones yet. My husband makes these cheddar jalapeno scones that go over really well with people who like those sorts of things. I’m not super into them, but my dad’s family is, so we were going to make those. Well, it was like 10pm so we fed the cats and started making scones because that had to be done.

Easter morning we got up and went to church with a bag full of scones that stayed in the car so they wouldn’t be mistaken for fellowship dinner stuff. We heard the Goose preach, which is always nice, then hung out a little while before heading up to spend the rest of the day with my family. Easter is always an interesting occasion. We sit and eat and listen to people chat around us, because we’re awkward, and then take a picture before my siblings escape. We did an Easter egg hunt again this year, since we have some little people to do it now. That’s always fun to watch. My cousin kept throwing eggs after they’d all been found so the two little ones could keep finding more.

We went over to my parents’ place afterward to see their tiny kittens. There are two litters now; one in the big dog crate, and one behind the open boxes in the corner of the porch. The first litter we knew were there, the second one we discovered while we were sitting out there with the cats. They’re all so small and adorable, I can’t take it! The second litter is like four days younger than the first one but they’re still so much smaller, it’s crazy! We snuggled the slightly bigger ones a little bit, but we didn’t want to touch the really little ones because their mom might get mad, or freaked out by our smell on them. She’s much more skittish than the other mom.

We came home and made a frozen pizza for dinner and hung out on the couch with our kittens for the rest of the even. And that was our Easter weekend. A pretty chill affair, all things considered, and a much needed break after a very long week. I hope your weekend was lovely as well, my friends.


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