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Quick Cat Update

So today I was going to talk about how I’m thankful for my cats, but due to some cat related issues, I’m writing to you both late and briefly so I can continue to keep an eye on them as they sleep inconveniently in two different rooms.

I took the cats to the vet yesterday and they were most unhappy, as cats tend to be. They both got two vaccines which they had gotten separately before and didn’t seem to have any adverse side effects from. This time, however, I got home to find that Pearl had had an accident in the carrier and had to clean her up. Shortly there after, Calamity also had some runny poop issues and as I was informing Logan of all that was going on, he suggested I call the vet to make sure they were okay. The vet wanted me to bring them in again. So back to the vet we went, this time they were pretty sedate and quietly unhappy about being back in the car again. They got another check-up and some more shots, just in case it was a reaction to the vaccines and not just stress from being in the car all day. They didn’t have any other symptoms, so they were probably fine.

We put them in the spare room, just in case, for the night with lots of water and no food so they could get it all out of their systems before we started trying medications on them. This morning we found four spots of vomit and our cats were not into food as they usually are. Pearl ate a little, Calamity even less and she wouldn’t even eat the treat Logan tried to give her. They weren’t running around, they didn’t go for the window like they usually do and it was all together too unnerving to see them like that. So back to the vet we went yet again, with two very sad kitties who were clearly not feeling well, as Pearl threw up again in on our way there. We got them some fluids, a shot for the nausea, and another shot for Calamity as she had a fever. With the hopes that those would help and instructions to keep an eye on them as they’d be super sleepy today but should be feeling better sometime tomorrow, we took our poor kittens home.

So while I am thankful for our cats, I won’t be writing about them until Monday, maybe, and then continuing my November posts as planned, hopefully. Now, I’ll get back to my poor sleepy kitties. I hope you all have a better day than they have, my friends.

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