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We Found a House

So you know how we had a super stressful Saturday full of disappointing house hunting and were feeling rather discouraged by the whole ordeal? Well that’s over now. We just had our application approved and will be signing the lease to rent a house tomorrow. A house that we found on Sunday, contacted and viewed on Monday and then applied for on Tuesday. It’s been a very busy week and it’s only half way done.

First I would like to point out how totally awesome God’s timing is. And, I mean, I knew He would come through for us, it’s just a little scary sometimes when you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait, and there’s that chance that He’ll wait until the very last second possible to provide. But really, God’s timing is so cool. I feel like this is a lesson I’ve learned over and over, but it always strikes me as awesome. We tried so hard to find a place in our own power, searching all over on Saturday to no avail and once we’d thoroughly failed, and were considering the least unfortunate option He places this perfect place in front of us, gets us in there to see it right away and, (as much of a pain as it is) dumps a ton of snow on us so that the other couple who might have gotten the house can’t come to look at it and apply before us. That’s the part I like best. Not in a mean, haha we got it first, kind of way, but that was my biggest concern with the house was the knowledge that other people were going to be looking at it, and if we didn’t tell the landlady we wanted it before they saw it they could apply for it before us and then we’d be back to the hunt. But, as God would have it, they didn’t want to drive across the city in the snow Tuesday morning, giving us enough time to call and get our applications in.

Basically, God is pretty awesome. We’ll be meeting with the landlady hopefully tomorrow to go over the lease and sign it. She also seems really nice. She’s a cat person, which gains her major bonus points with us. She’s also letting us start the lease half way through February so we can move everything out of the old apartment and have time to get in here and clean everything thoroughly so we can get our security deposit back, and only charging us half a months rent for it.

So the moving process begins. We’ll be packing for the next month and then moving and unpacking probably for the next three months, because that’s how moving works. We’ll be buying things for the cats, finally, so they have places to climb and scratch and poop and eat and all that. We’ll be arranging furniture and pictures and shelves and stuff. We’ll be settling in to our long term in-between home. This is the house we plan on living in until we save up enough for a down payment on our forever home. That means this is the house we’re going to start a family in and get super settled and start collecting appliances of our own in and everything. We’ll start with a wash and dryer. There are hook-ups for them in the basement, which will be interesting as the stairs down are super narrow and steep, not good for moving large objects down. There’s a storm cellar entrance, I think, though, so that’ll be handy. We may wait until spring for that, though, when we won’t have to drag them through three feet of snow.

There are lots of other things we’ll need to get too. Aside from the cat stuff we’ll need our own snow shovel and salt for the walk way. We’ll need a lawn mower when spring comes so we can keep up the yard and some rakes when fall hits so we can rake them up. Having a yard will be fun. I’m excited to play in the snow and the leaves and lay in the grass and read. Maybe we’ll get some lawn furniture someday. We’ll be there long enough. First, though, we’ll need a chair for my reading nook and a mattress for the futon we’ll be putting in the spare room. We have three bedrooms in this house so we can actually have a spare room and not a room full of computers and stuff we don’t know where to put. The space that will be an office is a little weird, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. It feels kind of like a container. And a chair for my desk, speaking of the office. I’ve been using a dining room chair for the past year and a half. I should probably get an actual desk chair at some point.

I can’t wait to get in there and start setting things up. I keep going through everything in my head and trying to place picture frames and furniture and move around the place as if we were there, but it’s hard having only actually been inside the house twice now. There are pictures, of course, on the website we found it on, but there’s only so much you can tell from pictures. I’m super excited to decorate it, though. More so, I think, than I was decorating the apartment. It’ll be easier, knowing that I won’t have to take everything down in a year or two. We’ll also have a lot more space to put things up and everything. We also have a fire place! I’m so pumped about the fire place. It’s an actual wood burning fire place, too, so we can build an actual fire in it and sit by it and be all warm and cozy and smell faintly of smoke in the winter. We’ll have to figure out where to get wood for it, but my dad has a giant stack of it at their house so I’m sure he can hook me up. It doesn’t have a mantle, though, which is a little disappointing, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

So yeah, we’re pretty happy. It’s been a whirlwind of a week thus far with finding the house and deciding on it so quickly and applying and making plans to sign and everything. It’s amazing how we can struggle with this for so long and then all of a sudden God’s like “Enough of this. Here, have a house.” And just like that we’re in. Seriously, God is awesome and he works in wondrous and mysterious ways. We are super blessed to have this place almost ours and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our life there.

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