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Of More Moving and Musicals, and Some Tea

Good morning, friends. Apparently moving and musicals just go together. Who knew? This time they were in reverse order, so there’s that, but I suppose I’ll just have to accept that if I’m going to see a musical, I’m probably going to move someone around that time. Actually, I have another show I’m going to see this weekend, so let’s hope no one else pops up to help move in the next week. Anyway, this is my weekend.

I got up with Logan and dropped him off at work so that I could take the car over to my former roommate, Debbie’s home and hold her baby. My intention was to help them carry boxes and load up my car so they could move to our old apartment complex, but then I picked up the baby and everyone else started doing things and so that was my job. I’m perfectly okay with that. I do feel a little bit bad that I didn’t do as much heavy lifting as everyone else, however, I also held a nearly 16 lb five-month-old for two hours with nowhere to sit, so I’m feeling it just as much as everyone else. It’s a little better today.

So I hung out with the baby and then helped out once he was reclaimed by his mother and we successfully got them all moved in by 3:30. That’s only like five hours after we started, so a pretty good move, over all. I’ll be going over on Tuesday to help entertain the baby again while Debbie unpacks all the boxes. Honestly, the unpacking is almost more intimidating than the packing. Packing at least you know what you’re doing with everything. Unpacking you have to find a neat, convenient space for all of your stuff in a place you’re still getting used to. I was super thankful to have my mom and mom-in-law help me out with the whole unpacking thing, so I’m more than willing to help Debbie out in anyway I can.

I picked up Logan after we’d finished with all the unloading and we went to Aldi to get things for dinner and to make scones for Saturday. We drove away without getting milk, though, so we had to stop by the Dollar General across the street to grab some. We ate hot dogs and chips and then I made scones for the tea on Saturday and Logan played Overwatch with some college friends.

Every once in a while the wives of the IT group get together to have tea and brunch. Well, this time we went with lunch as it worked better for our hostess and opens up a wide variety of food stuffs to bring that are not carbs. I tend to be the one who instigates these gatherings and the rest of the group takes it from there, which is nice. I’m great at instigating, but not so good with the planning. Anyway, we had a really lovely lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, tuna salad bites, scones, fruit and short bread cookies. One of the women brought these strawberry rhubarb scones and they were the best thing ever. I didn’t even know I liked rhubarb until last year and now I get really excited whenever I get to have it. I’m going to have to message her for the recipe, because they were really good.

We chatted until around 4:30 when Logan and I had to rush out. The guys were having a play date of their own while we were talking. My mom was coming down to get dinner with us before Molly’s play that night, but she had left earlier than we expected and so got to our house around the time we were leaving. Despite that slip up we had a nice dinner with Mom and went on to Molly’s performance of Hello, Dolly! I’d never seen the show before, but the kids did a really excellent job this year and Molly was absolutely perfect as Ernestina. As is tradition, we went out to grab some late-night food after the show with my in-laws. The next time we gather like that will be up in Beaver Falls.

We enjoyed a pretty standard, relaxing Sunday. We had a lovely fellowship meal full of donuts and had Goose preach for second service. I brought the leftover scones that I made for the tea for us to enjoy with our afternoon coffee. They weren’t as good as the strawberry rhubarb scones, but they turned out alright and they went great with the coffee. We had more Mexican food this week, this time fajitas. Once again, much more was eaten than strictly necessary, but it was delicious, so it was worth it. As always, it was a lovely time of family fellowship.

As we get into summer my weekends seem to keep filling up. This weekend will be another musical with my little cousins and the church work day for sure. There may be another activity in there, for the very important purpose of seeing a very important human, but we’ll have to wait and see how things work out. I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine. Have a lovely day, dear friends.

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