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I Just Like Socks, Okay?

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a recommended video about Bomba socks. They’re a sock company that decided to make really good socks so that they could sell a lot of them and donate an equal amount to what they sold. Socks are the least donated article of clothing to homeless shelters, but they are also one of the most needed. These guys decided to do something about that, and thus, started Bomba Socks. I will admit, I am tempted now to look and buy all the socks because I love that they donate socks for every pair bought and I love socks.

Apparently the internet spies have discovered my love for socks because they keep showing me sock things now. Last week I watched a video about a man with down syndrome who started a online fun sock company. I really want to get socks from him now, not only because I think it’s super cool that he actually started his own company (which I could never do in a million years) but also because he sells really cool socks. There are so many cat socks I can’t handle it. Also Austen socks, which I haven’t seen before, but I think I need. I just believe that you should be able to express yourself through your feet as well as anything else.

My sock thing started when I was in middle school, back when toe socks were a thing. Yeah, remember those? Like gloves for your feet. I know they freaked a lot of people out and I recognize now that they’re pretty awful, but as kids my sister and I loved them. That was the first Christmas it was actually exciting to get socks, instead of the classically cliched disappointment. I think it was my sister who got me my favorite pair of knee-high toe socks that year, I was so pumped. That was when I realized that I was super into fun socks. Knee-highs were in and mismatching was the thing to do. My sister mismatched purposefully for a long time, though I think she’ll deny it now. With so many fun socks, why not show off as many at one time as possible?

Since then, my taste in socks has matured, slightly, and I do tend to wear matching socks, when possible. There are always days when you’re out of the socks you need and just end up grabbing whatever’s left behind. It happens when you can only do laundry one day a week. Anyway, I still enjoy fun patterns, I still love socks with animals or super heroes or what have you, but I’ve definitely chilled with the loudness of my socks. No more bright neon patterns for me. Now my focus is feel, for the most part. My big thing with socks is softness.

My mom-in-law discovered Cuddl Duds like two years ago and they make everything soft. We found Cuddl Dud socks while shopping last year and had to buy a bunch of them.┬áIf only they sold ankle socks all of my socks could be soft and wonderful. I learned last year that I can’t wear ankle socks with fun things on them as the nest of strings on the inside bother my feet. I got a set of fun Avengers socks and they are okay, but not the most comfy. I got some boring black socks with colored trim to supplement them. All of my other ones had holes in them and, as stated before, we only get one day to do laundry a week, so having two weeks worth of socks is important. Anyway, I have to be careful about cute ankle socks, and cute socks in general, I guess. Sensitive skin is a thing that must be catered to.

I still get socks for Christmas, because they’re wonderful, and I still get excited about them every year. I make socks too, on occasion. I haven’t in a while, but I really should start that up again. Of course now it’s warming up again and I have missed my chance to make warm socks, but it takes me so long anyway, it might be cold again by the time I finish, if I start now. Knitting with small things is hard, though, but I think I need to use small things to make socks because the thicker yarn and stuff make bigger stitches which are, again, not super comfy on my delicate feet. I feel like such a baby saying that, but there it is. Hopefully I can get back into crafting so I can practice that more. We’ll see. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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