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Good morning, friends. Today I am eating breakfast like a big kid. I dropped Logan off today so I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts, as usual, to grab some iced coffee. Sidebar: did you know their small iced coffee is 16 oz? It is. Their small is the size of most medium and some larges. This explains why I can’t finish a medium, even though that’s my usual size. It’s a 24 oz cup! Anyway, I have my small iced coffee and I decided, since I have a busy day ahead of me and I’m not sure how lunch is going to happen, I’d better get some food stuffs as well. I can do that, because getting coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts is about half as expensive as getting coffee anywhere else and we just started a new budget, so I’ve got plenty of wiggle room.

This week I am doing all the friend things, and I have more friend things that I need to arrange because it’s important to keep in contact with people you like. The friend thing is hard, though, when you’re all grown up and out in the real world and stuff. It requires so much effort. Luckily for us, technology is on our side, keeping us connected over hundreds of miles.

Yesterday my whole morning was spent video chatting my best friend who lives in DC. Do you know how cool that is? This is the kind of stuff you’d see in a sci-fi movie from the 80s. This was super futuristic technology 20 years ago! And yet here we are, chatting face-to-face through our electronic devices so she can see all my goofy expressions and I can show her my cats. Anyway, Twirls got to meet Gail Carson Levine and I am supremely jealous, so she had to tell me all about everything that happened. If you are unfamiliar with Gail Carson Levine, she is only the entire reason I ever wanted to be a writer. Check out Ella Enchanted and you will understand. The book, not the movie. We are still struggling to accept the movie for what it is and not a failed adaptation of a most beloved book. So Twirls got to meet Gail Carson Levine and talk to her and tell her all about the influence she’s had on young readers and it was a amazing. Twirls even got a picture with her! So we talked about that, a lot, and then moved on to life-ish things, as you do, until I was called away to my next friend thing.

I got to hold a baby again. This is, apparently, my job now. I go to help and get handed a baby and I am okay with this. I went over to help Debbie unpack, which is basically just an excuse to play with her son. He is seriously the happiest baby I’ve ever met, I don’t understand. I mean, I’ve known some pretty chill babies, but this kid just smiles and laughs all the time. So I kept him entertained while Debbie got stuff done and it was a good time. It’s still a little weird being in there. It’s a little less strange now that they’ve customized the space a little more, but it’s still bizarre to be in a layout I know so well that is not mine.

Today’s friend thing is a long awaited movie date with my Courtney. We’ve been trying to get this off the ground for probably a month now, but with her teaching and working on her PhD and family stuff going on, it’s a little hard to make plans for fun. We have finally found a time to do it, though, so today we’re going to see Beauty and the Beast. I am so excited to see this movie! I’ve been waiting to watch it with Courtney, so everyone else has already gone and tell me it’s very much worth seeing. Plus, it’s Emma Watson, and she is always fabulous, so there’s that. So I’m picking Courtney up at 12:30 and we’ll finally get to catch up, as we do every few months.

It’s so sad that I can’t keep up with my friends better. The last time I video chatted with Twirls was in January. I think the last time I got together with Courtney was for her birthday in December. I only keep up with Debbie so well is because we go to church together so I get to see her regularly. I have a list of at least three people I need to text to arrange coffee dates with. Sure, I text these people and keep up with their Facebook activities and such, but it’s not the same. Every year I think “I’m going to be better about keeping up with people” and every year I fail at it. I’m pretty bad at this, but you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay, because when I do get on the ball, and I do get to catch up with these friends that I’ve talked to in months, it’s just like it was when we talked every day. We fall right back in where we left off and it’s awesome. I am so thankful to have friends who I can fall in with, even when I’ve been absent for a while. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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