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Women’s Day Ramble.

Guys, I really didn’t want to do this, but I’m falling back on old fillers for today. Today I really wanted to write something nice about being a woman and women and stuff since it’s international women’s day and all, but that’s just not going to happen. Because I’m a woman and women get periods sometimes and today I’m just not super into writing intelligent, well thought out things today. So you’re getting a ten minute ramble, and we’ll call it a day.

I have a kitten on my lap now. I’ve been waiting for this all morning. Kitten snuggles make everything all better. My kitten is a year and a half old and fully grown now, but whatever, I can still call her a kitten if I want to. But seriously, purring cats are the cure for practically any emotional disturbance. I find that having a kitty in my lap generally makes me feel better, regardless of what’s wrong. So I’m very pleased Pearly has come to snuggle with me now. She’s been kind of mad since I was sitting in my computer chair yesterday and there’s only room on my lap for one cat and Calamity got there first. I ended up stretching out my legs on my husband’s chair and working sideways so she had room to come up and hang out. The things we do for cat snuggles.

So it’s women’s day and all that, and I really super wanted to have thoughts about the whole thing, what with the “strike” thing happening and all, but I really just don’t today. You know how sometimes your brain just feels all fuzzy and you can’t really think about anything in any sort of objective manner? That’s where I am today. I want to give considerate thought to things but mostly I’m just feeling “bleh” and I want to eat cookies and watch rom/coms and snuggle my kittens. Actually, I’ll probably end up listening to podcasts because One Shot is a thing and I like it.

I also can’t reach the remote from my chair. I could move to the couch, but I like my chair. I also want tea, but again, that requires getting up from my comfy chair and stuff. I guess I should do it anyway as I’ll be hungry eventually and I have food to reheat. I got the biggest bowl of mac and cheese last night while out with friends. It was like the size of my head. It was also super good mac and cheese, so I’m really pumped to have it for lunch today, and probably tomorrow. Thankfully the worst of my cramps will be over by tomorrow and I’ll probably be a functioning human again, just in time to go to my sister-in-law’s art show in Pittsburgh. So that’ll be fun.

My cats are chasing each other around now and making a lot of noise, and I think my time is up. I kind of lost track of my timing, so we’ll say, sure. Why not. It was nice talking to you today, my friends. I hope you all have a better day than me.

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