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Stuck in Starbucks

My muffin is cold this morning. They didn’t offer to warm it up when I ordered it, just handed it to me. Not that I mind not having a warm muffing when it’s 50 degrees outside, but, you know, it might be nice to ask. My coffee doesn’t seem as hot as usual, which isn’t actually a complaint. I can’t drink it normally when it’s at the usual starting temperature, but it is a bit weird. And here I sit with my cold muffin and my not-too-hot coffee and I’m not sure what to write about.

I’m a little stuck. Which is ridiculous because I’ve got a list on my phone of things I could write about. I have all sorts of ideas for writing about music and my family and things like that, but I start the topic post and I get stuck a few words in. It’s annoying, is what it is. I was so excited about these ideas when I first thought of them. I probably had the beginnings of them laid out in my head and everything and now they have all flitted away and I can’t think of what to write.

I’m not actually sure if I can blame the Starbucks for this. I don’t know that it’s the Starbucks’ fault that I can’t think of what to write or that I have very little motivation to put hard thought into a topic. It is a little distracting here, with the people and the music and the noises, but I’ve worked in much worse. And it’s warm now, so that’s nice. In the winter this place is freezing, which is why I haven’t been here in so long. It also requires getting dressed, which, if I don’t need the car, seems like too much effort for an hours worth of blogging. And if I spend more than that on a post, I don’t want to be sitting on a hard wooden chair for more than an hour. They’re not as comfy as my comfy chair.

My plan seems to have backfired. I don’t know how many of you remember my plan to get up every day and come out here and do something with my life. I had hoped to get into a rhythm with it, make it normal, which would make it easier. But instead I stayed in away from the cold, for the sake of my fingers, and I got used to sitting in my comfy chair instead and drinking coffee from my Captain America mug and snuggling in my fuzzy blanket while I write. So here it’s weird, but not impossible, apparently, as seen by the many words I have just written. So maybe I’ll try again to come out here and do stuff with my life. I was afraid of the anxiety which gripped me the last time I sat in this chair, but as it has yet to return, I think I’ll be alright.

Maybe I’ll start with once a week, coming out here. Maybe when the weather is warmer I’ll be more inclined to come outside. I’ve so missed the warmer weather. Today I’ll be running around in the rain with one of my best friends from high school and then returning to college to hear my latest script read for the first time. Perhaps I’ll tell you all about that, on Tuesday. For today, though, enjoy the rain, Pittsburgh and have a lovely day, my friends.

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