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Early Morning Ramble

Guys, I am so tired. It is the sleepiest of sleepy days. My bed was so warm and I was so comfy it was awesome, until my husband took the comforter away. It’s a rather mean, but effective way of getting me up, and totally necessary, unfortunately. For a while I was getting up and getting started on things while he was in the shower. Now I just kind of go back to sleep until he’s done and comes to make me get out of bed. I don’t know what I’d do without him, really, I wouldn’t get much done.

I had been debating on whether or not I wanted to get up early tomorrow, too, so that I could have time to do all sorts of stuff. Now I’m thinking it’s not worth it. I could sleep in sooo late tomorrow and I do rather miss sleep. It’s a very good time. Maybe tomorrow would be easier, though, since by then we’ll have creamer. Yes, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like their coffee without creamer. I can drink it with milk and sugar, but it’s just not the same. But, my dear husband is going to get some on his way home from work today so we don’t have to go out this evening, which will be nice. We don’t have many days in this week. Or most weeks, for that matter. We’ve been going out a lot recently.

I like my comfy chair, but I don’t think it helps. I feel like I could just curl up and go back to sleep right here. I might, actually, once I’m done here. I might just nod off to sleep right here. I’m already in ball form and my head is resting on my arm as I type sort of sideways. I can type a lot of ways, though, so, you know. I learned that not everyone can type without looking recently. I always thought that was a standard thing. When I was in intermediate school they had rubber covers for the keys so you could type without being able to see which key was which and we would have tests to see how well we could type without looking at them and we weren’t allowed to delete anything we typed. But apparently that’s not a normal thing for schools to do. Go figure. So I can type without looking and pretty fast, which has come in handy when taking notes from long-winded professors in a pure lecture class.

I don’t think I miss college. I liked college a lot, but I don’t think I miss it. I’m working on a one act play for a very dear friend of mine who graduates this May. I wrote it in five days and finished it yesterday, the first day of auditions. I enjoy writing for her, and it was really good for me to have a deadline again, but to go back and hear them talk about school work do and juggling social interactions with studying and assignments and stuff, I don’t know that I’d want to do that again. If I could just go to college and be social, that’d be pretty cool, though.

I’m wearing a sweater. It’s my dad’s sweater, but it smells like my sister because it was in her room last. It’s a little bit weird, but that’s okay. It’s also white outside. This is not okay. I realize it’s only because I said “no more snow” in my last blog post and put away my winter clothes early, but I had to, for the good of our bedroom. But at least I get to wear the sweater a few times before it too should be put away. Let’s be honest, though, it won’t really get put away. I might wash it and stick it somewhere, but it won’t be in the proper box in the closet. Once the first boxes are packed and put away anything left out is likely to stay out for the rest of the new season. Such is the way of it. Someday I’ll look for the spring clothes I left behind, but apparently, I won’t need them for a while, so it doesn’t actually matter.

Ah well, I’m done rambling for now. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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