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Of Musicals and Moving

Good morning, dear friends! I hope all of you had a lovely weekend full of fun adventures and relaxation. We used to enjoy free weekends, now we have all the things again. Every weekend in April holds something and some hold many things that we want to go to and can’t manage all at once. But, this weekend was perfectly booked, one to a day and worked out pretty well, if a little overly busy. Here’s my weekend recap.

I went to a musical with my mom and cousins. The little ones are quickly growing out of being little cousins and it’s a little distressing, but that’s a story for another time. We went to see Shrek: the Musical at my high school. We thought it was the Jr. version, but it was not. It was the full thing, with the whole rat dance routine and everything. It may have been a bit much for the littlest, being four and very active, but I think he did alright. He didn’t understand the concept of a voice over, so every time someone spoke from not on stage he asked who was talking. I have to admit, I enjoy Shrek: The Musical more than I’d care to acknowledge. I actually rather enjoy all the songs, even if the fairy tale creatures subplot makes no actual sense, and the dad thing is unnecessary. It’s got it’s quirks, but you know, it’s fun.

On the way home I had an adventure. The thing about my high school is it’s in the middle of a dead zone for me, except in the theater itself. Yeah, not sure how that works. I didn’t get any service outside the school, inside the school, right outside the theater, but as soon as I stepped inside the theater itself, full LTE. I do not understand. Anyway, I’m glad it worked somewhere because I needed my GPS to find my way back to 376. Apparently they’re working on the on ramp that I usually take to get home from the school so I had to around another way. I’ve gone this other way maybe twice before, but never in the dark like that and not in years. So I started navigation in the theater and walked out. Thankfully, once you start navigation on Google it doesn’t need wifi to keep giving you directions. It was pretty straight forward to get back, and basically everyone else was going that way to get to 376 too, but I wouldn’t have made it without directions.

It’s the time of year when people move, apparently. We have a small list of people moving or looking to move and it stared this Saturday with  Logan’s co-worker Joe, and his wife Abby. We were moving them from a big apartment with a crappy landlord to a smaller apartment with hopefully not crappy landlords, and only one neighbor, which should fix the unfortunate noise issue they had at the other place. As they were only moving maybe half a mile down the street, they went with a giant pick-up truck for moving furniture instead of a moving van, which worked pretty well, actually. The whole IT team showed up and the guys shuttled things over while the girls packed, mostly, and then the girls went over and started organizing while the guys continued shuttling and moving the bigger furniture pieces.

Logan and I ended up staying later to help them get things more set up before we headed out. Abby and I rearranged the bedroom furniture and cleared things a little bit while the remaining helpers, Joe’s dad and brother with Logan and his friend Panda, did a final run through of the old apartment to gather stray objects and clean up a little. Of course, once they got back all the furniture got rearranged again as the piano caused some space issues with the dressers and ultimately was moved out entirely. But it was nice to spend some time withe Joe and Abby, as we don’t hang out with them terribly often, and they are lovely people. We grabbed some dinner on our way home and then had to stop at Shop n’ Save for cookies for the joint service on Sunday.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to get up on Sundays, but it always seems to be a struggle. We wait until the last minute and then Logan jumps in the shower and I throw something on that might be weather appropriate, but you never know around here, and the cats watch us, wondering if we might give them more food, maybe, even though they were definitely fed at 7, as usual. We enjoyed the service and fellowship meal, as usual, and then hung out with the family for maybe an hour and a half or so before we had to depart for the joint service.

The RP Churches in the greater Pittsburgh area gather twice a year for a big joint service. It’s one of those things that’s super nice because we get to worship together and hear from someone different, but also super awkward as we don’t actually know that many other RPs. Also, we meet at 6pm and have cookies after the service, so dinner isn’t really a thing that happens. The cookies are always good, though, if you can brave the crowds. People tend to mill around the cookie table so maneuvering around them is a bit of a challenge. We managed, though, and made our escape outside where we could hear each other and everything. Logan and I got home around 9:30-ish and then forgot about actually eating dinner until we were headed to bed around 11.

So that was my weekend, full of this and that, but no cat adventures, so that’s a nice change. This week is similarly busy and full of adventures. I’m going shopping today for things, tomorrow I’ll be up to see my family, who knows about Wednesday, and then it’s Tekko time. I won’t be posting on Friday because I’ll be at Tekko with my brother, which you’ll hear all about next Monday. In the mean time, have a lovely day, my friends.

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