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Bridal Shower Prep

I am a terrible procrastinator. This is a well known fact about me, and pretty obvious as I sit in my chair, writing at almost 11 am when this is supposed to be a morning blog. Today, however, I’m working on actually getting things down not the night before/morning of the event I’m supposed to be helping with. I’ve been put in charge of shower games for a church bridal shower. Said shower is this Saturday. I started working on this yesterday.

The shower in question, in my defense, was kind of a rush job to begin with. The couple got engaged slightly before Christmas with plans of marrying in February. Not a lot of time for anything really, but do-able. So, as is tradition, the church is throwing a shower for the bride. I really enjoyed doing the games for the baby shower we threw last year, so I am once again taking on the games for this shower. To be fair, I had the games picked out long before this, I just hadn’t gotten around to actually making them into things. We don’t have a printer, so I have to send them over to my mom-in-law for printing and so on.

So yesterday I finally got around to shower shopping. I had the car and was already in Monroeville, so it was finally convenient. Not that that’s any excuse, but, you know how it is. So I made my rounds, going to Target and grabbing basically just the shower gift, actually. I thought maybe there was a chance I could get some things there, but that didn’t happen. I did find a very cute mug that I’ve decided to use, just because I like it. And this way the bride gets a mug out of the game, so it’s a win-win really. So I grabbed that and began my great marker debate.

The wedding colors are blue and pink, to match the groom’s family tartan. I’m not super confident in the shades, but I wanted to at least sort of match them. The “game” is actually just an activity to keep guests busy while they mingle and wait for things to happen. The original idea was two jars, one for advice and one for date ideas, which turned into a jar and a mug, because mugs. The guests will write either marriage advice or a creative date idea for the bride and groom on a Popsicle stick and put it into the appropriate holder for them to read later. This is by far the most complicated game I decided in on, and the one that takes the most prep.

So I was looking for blue and pink sharpies for writing on the sticks, because that would be fun and cute. I found a pack that had blue and pink in it, but I wasn’t entire sure about the shades and I thought maybe I could find something better at the craft store. I went to Joann’s and found that they just don’t have a marker selection at all. There were some super fancy sets, but I was expecting to find one of those grid boxes of loose markers you can buy individually. No luck there. So I reluctantly drove to Michael’s as well. I didn’t want to go to both stores, but it was necessary. I really should have gone to Michael’s first. They had everything I needed there. I ended up with two packs of Popsicle sticks because the ones at Joann’s were too small, but all they had so I grabbed them and then found the big ones that I actually wanted, and knew existed, at Michael’s, so I grabbed those too. Anyway, I looked all over Michael’s and couldn’t find what I was looking for and, in despair, resigned myself to eventually returning to Target for the first set of markers. Luckily for me, for some reason, they have the sharpie selection by the registers, and not with the other markers. Strange, but at last I found them, and they had one blue left. I grabbed a blue and a pink and proceeded home for my one hour break before picking up Logan.

So marker adventure aside, I was successful in finding everything I needed. I got nice paper for the instruction sign, ribbon to decorate the jar, and little signs to stick in each container to indicate which is which. I was pretty excited about those, they’re pretty cute. Now I just have to practice writing what I’m going to write on the sign before I actually attempt it. I only got one piece of paper, which I now regret as I’m sure I’ll mess it up at least once. I figure I’ll start with the wrong side and if I mess up I’ll switch to the right side and if I don’t I’ll just cut off the weird strip on the bottom and might the wrong side look nice.

So that’s my plan for today, working on that and debating on starting another cross stitch. I’m in the middle of one right now, but there are up coming events that I really should work on and that one has no deadline. We’ll see, I guess. Right now Calamity has decided to nap in one of my hoops, because she was too impatient for me to move it. It doesn’t look super comfy, but she doesn’t seem to mind. If I escape from under the cats we’ll try to get some more work done. I hope your day is more productive than mine is looking right now. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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