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New Year’s Cold

Good morning friends. I will admit, I debated on pushing my return back to Friday in hopes that I would be feeling a little better by then, but I really don’t want to extend my break any longer than it has to be. I always feel bad taking time away from the blog, but the holidays are a perfectly valid excuse, I think. I’ve run out of that excuse, though, since Christmas and New Years are well over and we are quite firmly in 2017. My new excuse, is that I have a cold.

I woke up on New Year’s Eve with the tell-tale sore throat. You know how a cold sore throat is very distinct from other kinds of sore throats? It just sort of has this cold feeling to it. I thought about just trying to drink some water and hope it would go away, but I knew what it was and I figured, I was catching it early, I should do something about it. I took the spray.

My good friend Michelle gave me thieve’s spray a while back. Let me clarify here that I’m not generally into essential oils, I’m not going to go for the mint and lavender oil to cure what I know¬†I should see a doctor for. But I’m fairly open minded when it comes to suggestions. If it can’t hurt to try it, why not? Michelle is likewise, not generally an oils person, but having seen this stuff work she always keeps a bottle on hand. She gave me her dwindling bottle when I had the sore throat that wouldn’t end, as she had one coming from Amazon already. This stuff is awful and I try to avoid using it if I can, but sometimes, it’s just gotta be done. So I did the spray and I went back to bed, and when I woke up, my throat didn’t hurt anymore, but I did still have a cold.

So this has been the weirdest cold ever. It’s been all in my face thus far, which isn’t terribly uncommon, but the thing is, it’s not always there. Like I know it’s there, theoretically, but I can’t feel it most of the day. I was miserable New Year’s eve and spent the day on the couch dozing and watching Mythbusters with my husband. Well, I watched, he played on his DS because he doesn’t like Mythbusters. Crazy human. But Sunday, after the initial morning bleh, I felt fine for most of the day. Then we went to bed and I woke up and could feel it all over again. Then it kind of went away again. I knew it was still there, but I didn’t have the face hurty symptoms. I’m still feeling that drain you get from having a cold and the body aches and stuff, but not so much the face symptoms.

I’ll be honest, the whole thing kind of freaks me out. I don’t like it when my colds deviate from the norm. Sure they’re not pleasant, but I at least know what to expect. With this, I’m not really sure what’s normal anymore. There are a lot of symptoms that I feel like are normal but I just over look them usually in the misery of the head cold. But I don’t actually know. This morning I feel extra exhausted as I didn’t sleep well last night. I keep thinking the owl pillow will help, but I don’t know that it is. I also slept in a super weird position at one point that scrunched my neck up and hurt a lot. So there was that.

Hopefully this thing will clear up in a few days. I’m on day five and they say colds can last seven to ten days. Then again, this is a super weird one, so we’ll see. I’m starting to wonder if I should consider calling the doctor just to make sure this is actually a cold. But, I figure I should at least give it the normal cold time to get better and maybe then go in and see. I hate to be that person who goes in for every cold, but really, this one is just strange. Then again my brother also had a weirdly mild cold, so maybe I’ve just got his. Anyway, I’m sorry to start the new year off with a rant about my illness, but colds are inconsiderate like that. I hope your new year is going better than mine, dear friends.

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