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Thoughts on a New Year

Good afternoon, friends, I realize I’m writing pretty late today, but I’m still sick and really like sleep, so there you have it. Like everyone else, I’m looking at this new year and thinking about all the stuff I should do or start or try. Having looked back at last year for my year end review, I realized that I had lots of plans for last year that never came to anything. And that always seems to be the way of it, you make a bunch of plans to do this or that, be healthier, exercise more, start a new hobby, keep in touch better, and at least half of it falls through the cracks. Still, it never hurt to make the plans, and who knows, maybe this is the year they pull through.

Every year I think I’m going to do more yoga. I really like yoga, I do, but I’m so bad at getting on the mat regularly. I tend to do it here and there, maybe a couple times a month if I’m lucky through the year. But January is always that hope of a fresh start and every year I try doing the “30 days of yoga” that Yoga with Adriene puts out. She’s done one every year since I started doing yoga and it’s always really good, but inconsistent in length from video to video so it’s a little hard to budget time for when I have to be up and go somewhere in the mornings. If it’s not first thing it probably won’t happen. I haven’t started the “31 days of yoga” which is this years series yet, since I’ve been battling this cold for almost seven days now and I’m not sure I’m up for a lot of physical exertion. I am hoping to start it at some point, though, and maybe this is the year I actually finish all of it. I’ll be happy with getting through more than a weeks worth of videos.

Beyond the yoga I would like to get back to eating better and being healthier in general. Not that we’re particularly unhealthy, aside from the current cold, but we were doing so much better about eating well when we first got married and in the business of life, have slipped back into not so healthy life choices. We don’t always have a veggie with dinner, we don’t make as many different things as we used to, we’ve slipped on portion control. We’re still learning. I’ve often thought that eating breakfast should be a thing that I should do. I can’t do yogurt because it ends up sitting in the fridge until I’m too scared to try it. We have a microwave now, thanks to my in-laws, so maybe oatmeal will be a thing. I’d also like to get better about eating more fruit. We don’t really do that here.

I have many hopes for this year. I hope to take a relaxing trip with my husband when he’s done with his giant work project. I hope to enjoy a few weddings with our friends and family. I hope to finally get a washer and dryer and maybe a carpet scrubber of my own. It’s been almost a year with cats, I think we should probably have one of those. I hope to someday put away all the Christmas stuff and get over this cold. Lots of hopes for 2017. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding this year and how it will go, but I trust that God has an amazing plan for us this year, and I can’t wait to see it play out. Have a lovely 2017, my friends.

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