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Greetings, friends! Today I am drinking tea instead of coffee because I promised a friend that I would serve her this amazing green chai with orange peal tea that is like my most favoritest thing ever and she left this morning so it was now or never. I’ve just seen her and her husband off on grand adventures before they head home and my apartment is, for now, calm and quiet and still a mess from our Halloween party. It was a good party, though. Lots of fun, but left us with many random dishes and drinks to deal with. It’s tradition in the group, though, apparently, to bring the left over drinks from the last party to the next one and leave them there, so we’ll probably be doing that.

Anyway, today is the second day of National Novel Writing Month and I am once again writing the same novel that I’ve been writing for the past two years. I doubt I’ll finish it this year either, but I might at least get to 60,000 words. I’m not ambitious enough to try for a full 50,000 words written in a month. I’m still working with 30,000, but when you add that to the word count from last year you get 60,000 so we’ll go with it. Then again, a lot can happen in 30,000 words, so we’ll see how this goes. I’ve decided to update my word count slowly until I’ve finished reading through my novel and get my bearings again so my count on the site is 5,000 from yesterday and will be 10,000 today. Cheating? totally, but I’,m not in it to win it. You can win NaNoWriMo, apparently, I’m just in it for the motivational graph tool. Seriously, if I had a program that showed me a graph of my writing goal all year I would be so much more productive.

So I’m reading through my novel and I’ve just finished the bar fight, which is really one of my better scenes. There are a lot of scenes, especially fights, that I look at and I’m like, “Mm, no, that’s awful.” But the bar fight isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s all chaos and madness so it’s a little bit easier, the main character isn’t actually really involved, he’s just trying to grab is friend and get out. I seem to have this impression, though, that every punch ends in a split lip. Every character I have who gets into a fight comes out with a bleeding lip, it’s dumb. I’ll have to change it.

I’m finally back on my laptop, thank goodness. I was working at our desktop all last week due to a broken power cord and while my replacement cord is super short and a little annoying, at least I’m back in my comfy chair in time for novel writing. I was reading through my work on Google drive and editing it as I went, of course, so I’ll have to download that copy so I have the most updated version, but first I have to make sure the one I have isn’t an alternate version from the one I started with. Oh life. I’m considering just working on Google from now on, but I like working in Microsoft better. I’m more comfortable with it, and I don’t have to go looking for the word count. Then again, my husband got us the new Microsoft that comes with OneNote that you can access from other devices so that’ll be helpful as soon as I install it.

I’m still a little undecided on if I’ll do free-writing every morning. I may do it and just not get up early for it on my off days. I really like having a day to sleep in between blogging days. Thursday I probably won’t be productive since I’ll be going up to help watch my little cousin who is three and you know how three-year-olds go. We may also be getting cats that day, so that’ll be exciting. I like cats. They’ll be living with my in-laws, in theory, if we actually ever get them set up. It’s just a matter of making the vet appointment, really, but you know how that goes. Calling people is so intimidating. Anyway, so that’s the start of NaNoWriMo. Hopefully you won’t get too sick of me talking about my novel over the next month. Have a lovely day, my friends! And happy writing!


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