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Halloween Again

Every year Halloween comes and goes and I have yet to do any of the Halloween-y things I want to do. I haven’t gotten any pumpkins, I haven’t walked up to the cemetery and read Spoon River poems to the gravestones, I haven’t watched any monster movies. It’s very depressing. I don’t even have any monster movies. I should have gone to the library or something to find some. They used to have a couple on Netflix, but no more.

I have a thing for old monster movies. I really enjoy the black and white monster movies with everyone running around in early 20th century attire and using early 20th century slang and pointing pistols around while crouching. It’s a good time. The original 1932 version of The Mummy is one I particularly like. I’ve also been learning about “hammer horror” films. I’d like to take a look at them, specifically looking for the ones that star Christopher Lee. He was known for playing Dracula, apparently, and I’d love to check them out. Oh! I did get to watch Night of the Living Dead with my mom and mom-in-law this week. That counts, I think. I appreciate the realism of that movie, in that it takes place in my area and all the zombies are dealt with in like a day. Seriously, zombies wouldn’t actually last long here once everyone figured out what was going on, there’d be hunting parties all over the place. It’s one of the comforts I take from living in Western PA.

Tomorrow we are having a party just so I can dress up. Okay, that’s not the only reason for doing it, but to say that I wasn’t looking to manufacture an excuse to dress up this year when I suggested having a party with our friends would be a lie. I’ve gone through all the costume ideas. I wanted to be something new and original so bad. I thought about being Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite but her jacket is a problem and I’m not sure how to work my sewing machine. I also considered Ellie from Harvest Moon, Nora from RWBY and Gauge from Borderlands 2. Maybe someday I’ll actually do one of them. The problem is, I wanted to do them well and while I could have maybe pulled off a rough likeness it wouldn’t have been spot on or anything and what’s the fun in that? Also Nora wears pink and I don’t actually own that much pink. So I found a pair of red plaid pants that I’m not sure I’ve ever actually worn and I’m going to be a mad hatter, possibly automaton, because automatons are awesome. And it’s an excuse to play with make-up. I should drag my sister down to draw on my face, just like the good-old days.

We have guests arriving in about two hours, I’m going to see Night of the Living Dead as an opera tonight and then getting ready for the party tomorrow, so the rest of my list with have to keep for next year. Maybe then I’ll do better, maybe I’ll plan better and actually get to all the Halloween-ish things I want to do. Maybe I’ll spend the day listening to scary podcasts while I clean and make cookies. I have a whole can of pumpkin to use. I hope you all have a very spooky Halloween, my friends.


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