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Good morning, dear friends! This is the first day of my new schedule and I’m a little excited and a little sleepy at the same time. We ran out of creamer last week and ran out of milk on Saturday so I have no coffee to perk me up this morning. It is a sad thing, indeed. I do actually have real topics to talk about, a whole list in fact, and I’m doing my best to think of some series type posts that I can work on long term, but as my husband didn’t get up until 7:40 this morning and was running late, I am also running late and figured instead of taking a bunch of time this morning to rush something out, I’d hold off on the bigger ones and give you a quick post to start us off this week.

This morning I was convinced it was Sunday and my husband had set his alarm two hours earlier than it needed to be. I looked at the clock that told me it was 6am and thought to myself, “too early.” In reality, it wasn’t too early, I was just too lazy to get up. We are supposed to be training for a 5k in roughly a month. We’ll see how that goes. We’re so bad at this whole morning thing. It’s really bad. We almost never get up with the alarm. But the morning is the only time when we can run together outside without dying in the heat, so if we want to run together that’s what we’ve got to do. I suppose in theory I could run on my own during the day before it gets too hot, but that requires walking up the giant hill that almost killed our running hobby before it began and I’m super not into that.

So we’ll see how tomorrow goes, if we get up and run or not. I’d like to go back to the park we were running in before my last 5k at some point. It has a 1 mile and 1.8 mile track that is pretty decently level. There are some little dips and raises to it, but nothing like what we run on by our apartment. There’s a nice little cemetery just up the road from us that has a nice path around it. We started running there after the Purple Stride. It’s nice, but it’s got one good hill in there that’s it’s not impossible, but it’s tough. I can’t tell at this point if I’m actually so much worse than when I was building up for my first 5k or if it’s just that hill that’s throwing me off. I don’t super mind it, I’d just like to go back and get a base line for how I’m doing now compared to how I was doing before.

But we’ll see. Maybe today we’ll go out and get some coffee creamer. I’d like to be able to make coffee this week since I’ll be getting up early twice as much as usual, which may be everyday. And I can drink hot things again! I had a sore on my inner lip that kept me from any extreme temperatures for like a week and a half, it was awful. But you don’t want to hear about that, I’m sure. This week we are finishing our budget for next month and getting ready to go camping for the first time in like two years.

Seriously, though, the last time we went camping together we were engaged. Is it unreasonable to be super excited for our first camping trip as a married couple? By camping, of course, I mean a trip to the family cabin to chop and stack wood. A family cabin with all the trimmings: kitchen, bathroom, running water, the works. We’ve come a long way since the trailer with a living room attached. Anyway, adventure awaits! I’ll be stacking wood, because the last time they trusted me with an ax I managed to chop maybe two logs in ten minutes. But provided lots of entertainment for my uncles, so that’s something.

So, that’ll be my week. In theory I’ll have something a little more topic central for you on Wednesday but we shall see. You can probably look forward to hearing all about my family camp on Friday. You have been warned. For now, I hope you all have a lovely morning and a lovely week to fallow.

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