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Yearning for Fall

It has been a pleasantly cool August thus far. The weather has been ¬†hovering in the mid 70s to low 80s with some nice sun and the occasional thunderstorm, though it’s supposed to warm up again next week. It would be a nice way to ease out of summer, if we were there yet. We are quickly approaching the half way mark which, unfortunately, means sending my sister-in-law back to Indiana for the school year. It also, however, means that fall is quickly approaching and while it’s sad to see Lauren go, I’m super excited for fall.

Fall is my favorite season of all the seasons. I’ll wait until we’re actually there to do a proper post about it, but for now, I really want it to come. I’m torn, however, with thinking it can’t come soon enough and grumbling that it’s too soon to see fall things out. Everywhere on Facebook there pop up these pumpkin recipes; pumpkin spice latte this and pumpkin cookie that. I went to the store yesterday to grab milk and such and walked in to find a wall of Halloween candy. Who buys Halloween candy in August? Do you think it’s going to keep that long? Who thinks that far ahead? You know the people who are buying it now are eating it as they go and they’ll just have to buy more later. This whole jumping the gun on Halloween is out of hand. I can¬†almost understand Christmas stuff right after Halloween, though I don’t approve of skipping Thanksgiving. Christmas requires a lot of preparation for one big day. Halloween, you grab a bowl and some candy and you’re set. Unless you’re planning an elaborate costume, but now I’ve gone off on a bunny trail I didn’t intend. My point is, it’s August, shouldn’t you still be on watermelon and cucumber stuff? You know, things with summer veggies and making unusual things into ice cream?

That rant aside, I do really miss fall. My wardrobe is probably 70% fall based clothing with modifications for winter and some summer clothes. I have a collection of hats that I haven’t been able to wear because it’s been too warm for a wool beret or a bowler. I would really like to make a new hat to wear this fall, but I have to get the stuff for it, first. Like, you know, yarn and needles. I do have a pattern that I tried last year which I might try again with a smaller hook. The one I tried came out kind of bulky and awkward looking. Anyway, this year I’ll try knitting and see how that goes. I’m also looking forward to getting back into sock making. It seemed a little weird to make heavy socks in the middle of July.

I miss scarves and gloves and jackets and pants and especially boots. I have a boot problem. I know I don’t need more boots, but I see them in the store and I just can’t resist. Well, I can resist, it’s just very hard and uncomfortable. I’ve begun putting up a blinder hand when we go past the shoes are Ross’s because otherwise I’ll be tempted to wander in and cheap boots are much harder to resist than regularly priced boots. I have been wearing a nice summery pair that Twirls got me when they were up here in May. They are super cute and I feel I can get away with them for summer since they have cute lace on the side and are light colors. My green canvas boots, however, need to wait for cooler weather and it makes me rather sad.

My shoe addiction aside, I’m most looking forward to the leaves, the cool weather and the warm drinks. I guess I have to fill up on iced coffee while I can. While I almost prefer my coffee in iced form, there’s just something off about running around in a giant sweater and an iced coffee, though my sister-in-law is notorious for doing just that. I can’t bring myself to do it, however. Once the weather cools off it’s hot drinks all the way for me. And I do, to my slight embarrassment, fall into the pumpkin spice craze. I’m not to the point of stocking up and storing it in my freezer for months to come, but I do enjoy a good pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin spice creamer in my morning coffee. It’s a pleasant seasonal treat.

Fall brings with it beautiful leafs, cool weather, boots and scarves and, most importantly, birthday soup. Most people don’t have birthday soup, but they should. Every year my Dad makes a big pot of soup to celebrate me and my sister’s birthdays which are two weeks apart. It is, literally, my favorite soup in the whole world. It comes complete with a fire and friends and family, and tiny cats, because anything that takes place at my parent’s house involves cats. We’ve been celebrating this way since I was little and I am determined to keep it going, even though we don’t do a big family gathering for birthdays anymore. The soup will go on!

Basically, I’m a fall person, and the sooner fall gets here, the better. I have a feeling August is going to go by too slowly for my taste. I guess I’ll just have to try and enjoy the rest of my summer until it comes. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer too, dear friends.

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