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Interview Day

Today is a big day, my friends. A day that I knew would probably come, someday, but didn’t really think would ever happen. A day that marks my true place in the world of adults. Today, I have an interview. My very first formal interview at that. I know what you’re thinking; “Purps, how did you make it to age 23 without having any interviews. Well, mostly by never getting called for one. I mean, I applied places when I was in high school and early college but I didn’t actually get a job until I got to Geneva where I worked in the library and that interview basically went “Hey, you like books, can you cut straight? Here, cut this. Great! See you next semester!” To clarify, I was cutting labels with a label cutter, so I could actually cut straight. Scissors are a different story. I would not have gotten the job with scissors.

So, aside from one very informal interview with the least intimidating human in the whole library, and possibly the sweetest, I have never had a real, business-y interview before today. We shall see how this goes.

You’re probably wondering what this means. Well, maybe you aren’t. You probably haven’t thought about it as much as I have. Well, an interview means a potential job and a job means a potential schedule shift. So here’s your first warning. My update schedule might be shifting. It may just shift to afternoons, or it may shift to different days. Whichever the case may be, I will still be blogging on two days a week just as before. We’ll just have to wait and see which and when.

Now, on to the job bit. I applied for a job. It was kind of a spur of the moment on a whim thing that I spent an entire weekend pouring over my resume for. It happened like this: I had coffee with Danielle one Friday afternoon while she was on her lunch break and then popped into the office where she works to hang out until I had to pick up my husband. Danielle works at Crown and Covenant, a publishing company associated with the RP church, and they’re looking for a shipping clerk. Since they are looking and don’t already have one, Danielle had to put together some orders for shipping while I was there, so I decided to help out. I actually really like this kind of work. It reminds me of working in the library, which was a ┬ávery happy place. I get to touch books and challenge myself on how quickly I can work while still being neat. I would do it with labeling all the time, and covering for that matter. I was good at both; quick, but never sloppy. I knew exactly how much time it took to cover a book, with each size, and I could use my time to the minute without going over.

Anyway, while I was helping it was mentioned that they were looking to fill that position and were actually getting ready to send out an e-mail about it. For the past year I’ve been debating on if I needed to get a job or not. I’ve been blogging as my profession for seven months now and while I enjoy it, I feel like something outside my apartment might be good for me. So I got the information and I worked on my resume and sent it in and today I have my first real, formal, business-y interview. Hopefully it’ll lead to a job. If not, it’ll be a good experience, at least. I hear the people are really nice, so that’s something. Wish me luck everyone!

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