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Good morning friends! I’m back after a week off to make cookies with a friend. We were preparing for the seminary graduation with hundreds of cookies and fruit skewers. I was out nearly every day last week doing something and it looks like another long week is coming up. But for now, here’s my weekend recap.

Also known as Fruit day. Logan has started getting up to go running in the morning, which I should probably be doing with him, but that’s really hard, so I haven’t. On days that he does get up and go running we tend to get out the door around the time we’d normally be rolling out of bed, so I got an early start to the day, heading over to my friend Michelle’s and stopping to get pineapple after I dropped Logan off. It was a day full of the Newsie’s Broadway soundtrack and lots of fruit. I cut up a lot of strawberries and then when assembly-lined the skewers while playing word association games. It was a lot of work, naturally, but we had a good time doing it.

Friday night was my Usborne book party. It was a Facebook party so I sat in my comfy chair with a glass of wine while my husband played games in the computer room. The party went okay for a Facebook party hosted by me. I don’t think I’m cut out to do parties, though. I’m really bad at the pushing and social interacting and stuff. But, I had a few people participate and some people even bought things, so it was a moderate success.

My mom-in-law picked me up at 8 am, which means I got up at 7:15 and got half dressed, looked at the clock, and laid down for another fifteen minutes until I absolutely needed to be fully dressed and ready to go. There was a huge, town-wide yard sale event near me and Mom-IL and I love yard sales. I had $25 in my wallet to limit my spending and off we went. It was a great day for yard sale-ing. It was pretty sunny, but not overwhelmingly bright and cool enough that it was comfortable walking around a lot. We found a lot of really good stuff, too. For my $25 I got an end table and low shelf for our guest room, a luggage set, a dress, a sake set, a purse, a wind chime and a movie. I managed to drop and break the wind chime soon after purchasing it, but it’s nothing some fishing line won’t fix. I might want to replace the two that didn’t break as well, preemptively.

We had a lovely time walking around to all the different sales and seeing all the stuff people had out. We walked down to Biddle’s Escape for coffee and biscotti and a small break for our feet. I love getting to hang out with my mom-in-law. We’ve decided that we need to plan ahead for our next yard sale trip so that my sisters-in-law can call off work and we can have a proper girls day out. We headed back around noon and unloaded all of my stuff so that we could move on to the next big Saturday activity.

Fry Night has become a Manchester tradition in the past three years or so. We’re up to two a year now and Saturday was the first for 2017. We pull out two big fryers and fry everything. We did have some salad and fruit to pretend that we’re a little healthy, but everything else went in the fryers. We had chicken wings and jalapeno poppers and fried zucchini and cheese sticks and many other assorted fried things. The highlight, of course, is always the fried Oreos. They always do regular and mint Oreos and they’re both wonderful, though I like the mint ones best.

We had a great time hanging out with everyone and eating all the unhealthy things. My mom got to come down, which was really nice. The event ended at 6 pm, technically, but there were some of us that hung out in the church, chatting and goofing off, until nearly 10 pm. We made tea and half the group spent probably an hour batting a Styrofoam cup back and forth. Logan and I left a little after 10 to feed our cats and finally fall into bed.

The rain that was promised all weekend finally arrived. I bought a basil plant on Wednesday and may have forgotten to water it a couple of the days, even though it’s supposed to be watered every day, so I was thankful for the rain. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have a ton of left-overs from Fry Night for fellowship lunch. There were a few stray fried Oreos, though, so that was nice. We hung out, as usual, with the family; ate a lot of tacos, because we have no self-control when it comes to tacos, and had a lovely evening.

Today I’m grabbing coffee with a friend, playing taxi for another friend and then relaxing at home with my husband. This week looks like it will be only slightly more chill than last week, but I’ll take it. I hope you all have a lovely week, my friends.


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