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It’s a brain fart kind of day. They day where you get up and sit down to write and can’t think of anything worth writing down. It’s one of those kind of days and I am working with a small amount of time to get this post out there so I can go hang out with some small children who are not as small as they used to be and at some point I will have to give up calling them small and then give up calling them children and I will be very sad. That was a long and confusing sentence, but that’s how these things go. This is a ten minute ramble in which I will just write whatever I think of nonstop for ten minutes and then post whatever happens to be on the page. It was originally an exercise given to me by a writing professor and I like to use it whenever I’m feeling especially stuck and pressed for time.

I thought about pulling out a post from my last blog, actually. I’m feeling that lazy today, but I couldn’t find one that I particularly liked that would be appropriate to reblog for today. Bummer really. I mean there are blog posts that I liked a lot, but they weren’t write for reblogging, I think. There was one about weddings, there was one about vows that I liked, but I want to do a sort of wedding theme next month to celebrate our one year anniversary so I didn’t feel right putting them here now. I might bring out one or two of them for that month, which would be nice for a little breather. Not that I’m out of breath, really, I write twice a week and sometimes build up posts inbetween, but most of my build up stock posts are not very good and never make it here anyway.

I don’t like thunderstorms. This is another thing I thought about writing about this morning, but I figure no one wants to hear me whine about how I don’t like the sound and was slightly traumatized as a teen by an unfortunate incident which wasn’t even really that bad when I look back on in, it was mostly just wet and not super thuderstormy by that point, but that’s a story for a different time. Anyway, don’t like thunderstorms, or thunder, or lightning, though the kind that stays up in the clouds and is far away is pretty cool, I’ll take that kind, thanks. It’s been storming for a few days now but today it seems a little sunny and there is swimming promised, so that’s cool. Hopefully the storms won’t come back… or at least they’ll wait until we’re done with the swimming and are safely back at home.

I’m also going to see a good friend and a movie with my brother today, it’s a very busy day. There is frozen yogurt promised as well, which is always a good time. I think I might like frozen yogurt better than ice cream, which is shocking, I know. I do enjoy ice cream, but frozen yogurt places are just so much more fun, and you don’t have to stare at a menu for ten minutes to pick what you want and have the person behind the window waiting and waiting for you to say something and then stand awkwardly there while they get it, or make a bunch of decisions in front of people, you just grab your bowl, pick your yogurt and go toss whatever looks good on top. It’s a good time, really. I always get hot fudge because hot fudge is the best. Even if it does melt things a bit and gets cool after like two minutes and then is slightly less good, it is still the best topping ever. If I could eat hot fudge on everything I wouldn’t actually because that would be gross, but it’s a nice thought anyway.

That’s my ten minutes, I hope you’ve enjoy this peek into my brain. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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