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A Purple Kind of Romance

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Well dear friends, I made it to my coffee shop. I sit here this morning with my usual mocha and my blueberry muffin and wonder if it was worth it. Don’t get me wrong, the muffin is a wonderful thing, but it is freezing in  here and out there and I’m kind of longing for my nice warm bed right now. I might just stay home until spring comes back. I’m still wearing my coat and I’ve got my blanket on and a giant sweater under it all. I should not be this cold.

Continuing with the romance theme from last week (seeing as I have a week left in February I thought I’d make the most of it), I thought you might be interested to know that my husband and I have a weird sense of romance. Sure, he’s bought me chocolates and flowers before, he’s written me beautiful love letters and taken me dancing and out to dinner, as is customary of romantically interested parties. But when it comes to true romance, we are a little off what other people might consider normal.

Some boys send a girl flowers to cheer her up. Some buy them jewelry or presents to make them smile. When my husband wants to do something for me, I get a little notification on the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen. “You’ve received a gift!” it says on a Steam gray background. Yes, friends. My husband buys me computer games. And to me, him saying “I saw this and thought of you” in a Steam chat window is about as romantic as it gets. I’ll take Bioshock 2 over jewelry any day.

Our dates nights are a little weird too. Before we were married it was not uncommon for him to come up and watch several episodes of “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” with me.  That was the good Avenger’s cartoon, before it was cancelled. We are perfectly happy to sit and watch superhero cartoons together. And superhero movies, good and bad. We also commonly play Mario with a glass of wine/beer. Or, if we’re feeling adventurous, we go to the comic book store. That is our idea of a fun date.

Midnight Madness 2012

Midnight Madness 2012

When we were in college we dressed up as TF2 characters with his friends. We had a Portal cake beside our wedding cake. Our bridal party walked down the aisle to Concerning Hobbits and recessed to a Zelda medley played on the violin. We went to see Pacific Rim as part of our One year celebration and entered our reception to it’s theme.

So yeah, we’re a little weird; and you know what? I love our strangeness. I love our bad movie nights, watching “Tremors” with a cup of hot chocolate. I love playing TF2 with him, even if I have to sit on the floor by the book shelf, since I don’t have a proper desk yet. We’re working on that one. I love our quirky, weird romance, our video game love. I love that I can be a total geek with him and he can geek right back. I love that my Christmas presents are game consuls and we played D&D on Valentine’s day. I basically have the best husband ever.

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One thought on “A Purple Kind of Romance

  • Diane Deffenbaugh says:

    You guys are too cute! I am glad you don’t let the world determine your sense of romance. The most romantic thing is the thing that brings you the most joy and comfort. Obviously Logan knows what those things are. The most romantic thing for me is that my husband loves me each and every day and that He is committed to me for life. All other things are bonuses!

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