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Rocking and Rolling

Good morning, friends. I’m sitting on my floor today with two little boys, aged four months tomorrow, and watching as they each attempt to roll over. We’ve been rolling all over the place this week. Myles has gotten pretty good at it. Calvin is currently very angry about his arm being in the way. I won’t bother to tell you how many times I pause to help him unstick himself and calm down so he can try again.

Myles started it. Of course Calvin was the one who flipped over while on his tummy not even two months in. It was a fluke, of course, but he did it. Myles followed suit for his on-off tummy-back flip the next day while doing tummy time and then, nothing for two months. Then one day, while I was changing Calvin, Myles was hanging out on the play gym. I looked back to check on him and not only is he off the play gym, but he’s also on his tummy. His first time rolling over and I missed it! This is a trend. He likes to roll over when I’m not looking and when I don’t have my camera ready. It was a Tuesday because my mom came over that evening and Logan and I went out for a short visit with some friends. While we were out, he did it again, fully for my mom. He’d tried several times after that first time but hadn’t made it while I was watching.

Since that fateful day, we’ve been rolling this way and that. Myles kept rolling front to back while doing tummy time the one day, but, of course, would not demonstrate it for my sister. Luckily Logan actually managed to get him rolling over on video.  This past Saturday Calvin decided he wanted in on the action and rolled back to front for the first time. It’s been kind of elusive for him ever since, though. He’s been trying all morning and just can’t seem to get it. He was soooo close last night, but he just couldn’t get his arm out of the way. He was having some fun with it, until he wasn’t, and then he was just mad.

He’s settled for half way now and seems content to hang out there on his side. Myles rolled several times yesterday and when I tried to get it on camera he was too tired to get all the way over anymore. Maybe someday I’ll get them both on video turning over. Anyway, we have two rolly boys here, and we’ll be keeping a closer eye on them to make sure they don’t roll away. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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