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Good morning, friends! I am so sorry about not posting all week. Between laundry and appointments and activities I haven’t had nearly as much down time as I would like. But that’s kind of life now, I guess. I’ll have very little downtime once the boys get here in two weeks. But, since I have such a short amount of time left before I take off for a month, I wanted to make up for missing an entire week by at least getting one post in, so here you go!

We had the usual set up of ultrasound, OB, non-stress test yesterday. I had my usual list in my head of questions to ask about our up-coming procedure as we prepare for a c-section in two weeks. What we weren’t expecting was to go in for our ultrasound and find a head where a butt should be. We had a different ultrasound tech than we usually do and she started out by moving the wand around to see where everyone was and what parts were where and as she moved the camera down where I would expect to be seeing little legs I saw something that looked suspiciously like a head. But it couldn’t be a head because A has been breech for at least two months now and there’s no room in there for him to flip. He was breech last week, he absolutely could not have turned in a week. But there he was, head down, confirmed by the ultrasound tech and continually confirmed as she measured and checked everything on her list.

Now, I’ve spent the past two months hoping that this would happen, but I haven’t actually thought it would for the past month and a half. Sure, there was always that moment when we would start the ultrasound that maybe he had turned, but it was always short lived as we consistently found his head up by his brother. Apparently he got sick of hanging out with B and decided he wanted to be head down instead this week. This really doesn’t happen, though. There is practically no room left for these guys to wiggle, let alone flip over like that. But somehow Baby A has managed to do the impossible and surprise all of us.

My OB appointment went as usual, starting with how I was feeling, and moving to what the plan was from here. They’re having trouble calling my phone for some reason. They have the right number and I’ve gotten automated calls from them within the past week, but they couldn’t get a hold of me to confirm the date and time for our scheduled c-section. So we got that information and she asked gave me the usual run down about things to come in for if I notice them happening and then asked if I had any questions. This is the point when I could mention that Baby A had turned and was now head down.

“He did? He did! That little stinker! This never happens!”

When you can surprise your nurse, you know something truly crazy has happened. So we moved to talking about switching to a vaginal birth instead of the c-section. We hadn’t talked about it at all up to this point, aside from the brief overview we’d been given at our first appointment when we were just figuring out what it meant to be having twins. After that, we assumed we’d be doing the c-section as A refused to move from his breech position and now suddenly it was possible that we could deliver vaginally. So our nurse gave us a quick clip-notes version and then went to find a doctor to talk to us about what all would be involved.

So there’s a lot to think about with twins. We’ll deliver in the OR, just in case we have to switch to a c-section at any point. By at any point, I mean it could be between babies. We’ll have to see if they both tolerate labor, if A doesn’t somehow manage to flip back over, since apparently he can just do that, despite having no room at all, and what Baby B decides to do once A is out. Honestly, it all sound pretty scary over all. Luckily, since we’re scheduled for the c-section we’ll switch that for an inducement, probably earlier that day, and if at any point before they’re born we want to switch over, I’m pretty sure we can do that. Still, we have to have a plan going in and planning is a scary thing.

The doctors at Magee are super confident, though, that a vaginal birth is best. There was no doubt when I asked which they would recommend that a vaginal birth was the way to go. Every procedure has its risks, but the fact that the doctor we talked to was so confident in their ability to perform even the scary sounding ones was encouraging. In all the excitement over the changing of plans, I missed asking several questions that I had, but I’ll be able to message them today and hopefully get the answers I need as we consider what to do from here. Whatever we decide, though, we know we are in the best possible hands.

This pregnancy has been the strangest experience for us. Nothing has gone like we thought it would, from finding out we’re having twins halfway through, to all the doctor switching, to planning a c-section to maybe not planning a c-section, it’s been quite the wild ride. Hopefully there are no more twist from here. Two weeks is not a lot of time for twists, but with these boys, apparently we just never know. They’re not even here yet and already they’re keeping us on our toes. Pray for us, friends, we’re going to need it.

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