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Scheduling a World Changing Event

Good morning, friends! It’s an iced coffee and muffin kind of morning, partially because I dropped my husband off and this is my reward for getting out of bed early, and partially because I’m out of breakfast foods and had to eat something, right? I realize that’s a lame excuse as we probably have some eggs in the fridge and I could make banana bread, probably, once I thaw¬† my bananas, but the muffin was much easier, so that’s what we’re going with. We also started a new budget today, so I don’t feel so bad about getting the muffin with my coffee. Speaking of which, it’s February, guys. Do you know what that means? This is the month in which my sons will be born. Yeah, think about that for a minute.

How many of you freaked out a little at that thought? Probably like five of you. I’ve been freaking out a little bit here and there for the past week. Why? Because last week we talked to the doctor about baby positions and options and came to the conclusion that this week we would schedule a c-section, and so we did. Or we’re working on it. We put in a request for a day and they’ll get back to me on if that day is open and what time they can schedule me and all that. So sometime today I’ll get a call with that information and then there’s no turning back. We will have effectively picked our sons’ birthday. This is a world changing event that we will have scheduled.

We’re at 34 weeks today, by the way. That’s only three weeks away from the 37 weeks they wanted us to get to, but won’t let us go too far past. So in exactly three weeks, Lord willing, we’ll be holding two little boys in our arms. Three weeks is not a very long time. My husband recently put it in terms of his work schedule. They plan out two week “sprints” so that they have short term goals to get projects done in pieces. Logan recently pointed out that the boys will be born during the next sprint. That’s crazy! We are under a month, one sprint, three weeks, or twenty-one days away from being parents to two pooping, screaming, tiny humans. So that’s a thing.

It’s really weird getting to pick your own child’s birthday. I feel like this is an amount of power that I should not have. I mean, sure, they could decide they want to come sooner than that, but they only have three weeks to screw with our plans at this point and they can’t escape February. It makes me smile, that they will be the third generation of Scavo boys born in February. Logan had the thought that if we could have picked the 17th we could have hit all of the sevens in February with a birthday, but the 17th is a little too early for our boys, so we’ll have to wait. We also thought about scheduling for his dad’s birthday since it’s in week 37, but then we’d have to wait an extra five days and if we’re picking a day, we really should give them their own. After all, they already have to share with each other. Besides, I think it’s still close enough that it still counts as getting grandsons for his birthday.

So we went with the 22nd of February to request the procedure. They put in the request yesterday and we should hear back sometime today about if they can get us in that day and what time they can schedule us and all that. They usually schedule c-sections for the 10:30 am slot, apparently, or noon, but generally not much later than that, so our boys should come in the morning and then we’ll have all day with them to get used to being parents. That’s still the part that kind of scares me the most, the whole being parents to tiny humans thing. It’s rather intimidating to think that their whole lives are dependent on our care. I mean, sure, we’ve read about taking care of babies and we did the class and we’ve got lots of people to help us, but it’s still a huge change and from everything we’ve read, it’s not going to be easy.

I am so thankful, though, that we have all the people we do to help us out and give us advice and teach us what we need to know. I learned all about cloth diapers this week from a good friend who’s been so helpful with resources and loaning us things from her son. It made me feel so much better to sit down with her and have her show me how they work and the little tricks to them. Reading about them just isn’t as helpful as having someone actually show me how to do it. We’ve had lots of people offer us food and transportation and house cleaning and I really appreciate all of it. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

I never thought I would be scheduling a c-section. I always knew I could end up having one, that it was always a possibility, but I never thought I would actually sit down and pick a day for my child to be born. It feels really weird and there is part of me that screams “This isn’t how it’s supposed to go!” but that’s not really up to me, and it never actually was. As much as I thought I would do anything I could possibly do to avoid a c-section, that was my biggest misconception going in to this pregnancy. Baby A is breech, which is why we’re just going ahead with the scheduling, and I was told of an option that could maybe get Baby A into position, but we’re not taking it. I, of all people, who felt so strongly that if there were any way I could possibly have a traditional birth I’d take it, am passing on a chance presented to me. When it comes down to it, this is the safest thing for our boys. It’s not what I wanted for them, or for me, but I would rather have two safe, healthy boys via c-section, than risk something going wrong vaginally because they’re in there wonky. This way, at least I’m emotionally prepared for having major surgery and it won’t seem so scary as suddenly being told that’s what is safest in the middle of labor.

Am I looking forward to having major surgery and then being sent home to take care of a couple of newborns? Not particularly, but I have a lot of support and I trust that if this is the Lord’s plan, that He will bring us through, no matter how hard it is at the time. I’m super nervous, but so excited to finally get to meet our tiny boys and see their little faces in a way that doesn’t make them look a little¬†creepy. I can’t wait to learn their personalities and figure out how to tell them apart and watch them grown and discover the world around them. We are three weeks away from parenthood, guys. Wish us luck!

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