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Of Showers and Triage

Good morning, friends! Much has happened over the weekend, so I thought I would catch you all up on what’s been happening with us. We had a bit of a rough time last night at our appointment and today I’ve decided to relax as much as possible to make up for it. I have a kitty in my lap, a protein shake, because protein is important for growing boys, and some oatmeal to pick at while I write, so I’m all set for a good ramble.

So Thursday after I blogged I went out to lunch with a friend and afterward, as tends to happen, she introduced me to a new show to binge. Usually this show is a new anime, this time it was a Korean drama. I’ve toyed with the idea of watching Korean dramas before, since there are lots on Netflix, but I never actually took the leap until Thursday when Courtney showed me Strong Girl Bong-Soon. I may have spent two days now watching nothing else. It’s a little hard with subtitled shows, since I have cats who like to walk randomly in front of my screens and stay there, and I also like to do crafts and such while I watch TV, but it’s been worth it. They’re also long episodes, each one being 60+ minutes, so I’ve been watching in chunks and pausing to do work on thank-yous for my showers, and then watching another chunk.

This brings us to my second shower. Saturday I stopped briefly by the bridal shower of a friend to drop off her present and say hi before proceeding to my own baby shower. I’m still super bummed that I couldn’t actually make it to her shower or her wedding, as they’re getting married two days after our due date, but I am glad I got to at least see her for a little and give her hugs. My second baby shower was hosted by my church family, and it was a little weird not being part of the prep and process. I’ve been in charge of games for the past three showers and it felt strange to sit and participate instead of leading things. It was a nice change, but still strange.

This was also the shower most of my friends came to. I split my friends unevenly between the two showers as most of them live closer to the church and it’s an easier drive there, but there were a handful for whom it was more convenient to go to the one near my family. So it was nice to get to see all my friends in one place, but required a lot more mingling from me, as I wanted to get a chance to chat with everyone if I could. I did get to chat with most of my guests and it was really nice to see them all.

The theme for lunch was soup and salads, which were all very good, and there were blueberry muffins, which may be a personal weakness of mine. Also fluffy green stuff with lumps. I know it’s proper name is pistachio pudding, and I’m not even sure where the name fluffy green stuff with lumps came from, but it’s a term that my in-laws use and it’s so amusingly accurate that I find I prefer it to the actual name.  Anyway, I also very fond of fluffy green stuff with lumps and there was a lot of it, so I ate a lot of it for the shower, and for fellowship meal the next day. To top it all off, one of the girls at church works in a bakery and is very skilled with the making of cupcakes, so we had super fancy cupcakes to go with lunch.

My friend and former roommate, Debbie, took over the duty of games for my shower. I’ll admit that I’m not usually into “how well do you know the mom” games, but Debbie managed to find a good one. Usually I feel like these games have weirdly personal questions like “When did she first feel Baby move?” or “What was the first thing she bought for Baby?” Very baby focused questions that there’s no reason for people to generally know. But this one had things like my maiden name and if I’m a cat or a dog person, which are pretty easy, particularly the last one. I appreciated having something that was me focused, and not just about the boys. There was also a baby animals guessing game and a Scattergories style baby item ABCs game that went over well, though there was some debate over what certain baby animals should be called. It was good fun.

For presents I got a little helper to assist me in unwrapping all my gifts. Debbie’s little son is very into pulling out paper and handing it to people and ripping paper and handing it to people and so that’s what he did during the presents portion of the shower. It was very cute and I probably took longer than necessary to open all the gifts because I let him help more than I maybe should have, but it was just adorable! We got a lot of very important things at this shower, like the Pack ‘n Play bassinets the boys will be sleeping in when they come home and the car seats we’ll be bringing them home in. Logan and the guys installed the car seats so we are ready to bring home our boys! As soon as we get them checked to make sure they’re in there properly. I also love how many homemade blankets we got. Other than the muslin blankets I registered for, at this point I’m pretty sure these boys only own homemade blankets. This pleases me so much. They will be wrapped in so much love!

This brings us to Monday, I guess, which was a super long day. Logan had an early appointment so we got up much earlier than we’re used to after going to bed late the night before. I dropped Logan off at work after his appointment so that I could pick him up and go straight to our non-stress test from there. We take the last appointment slot so Logan doesn’t have to take any more time off work than necessary. We’ve had two other NSTs thus far and both have gone pretty well, so we weren’t expecting too much. They check to make sure the boys are moving around and their heart rates are good and the boys had been moving all day, so I wasn’t worried. We got in, though, and sometimes As heart rate was going a little lower than the tech would like to see, so she called the doctor at MFM and asked what I should do. That’s when they sent me up to triage for further monitoring.

So apparently this can just be a thing with these tests. They want to be super careful so if they’re even a little concerned, they treat it like it’s a real concern, even if it’s probably nothing. So they moved me up to the birth center and into triage to be monitored for longer, and maybe get an ultrasound. We thankfully didn’t end up with a ultrasound, but we were in triage for three hours just hooked up to the heart rate monitors and watching what they did. I was a little annoyed as they didn’t tell me how to do anything: call the nurse, change the tv, adjust the bed, nothing, but they kept saying, “if you need anything let me know.” Other than that, though, they were very nice, just very slow with us. Logan pointed out that this was a good sign, since it meant that we were low priority for them. When you’re hanging out in a birth center four weeks early, you want to be low priority. It means nothings happening and that’s a good thing. It’s just a little annoying when everyone who comes in is a little confused as to why you’re there and you just want to go home but they’re taking forever to get answers.

So our appointment was at 5:15 and we left around 9. We decided that we deserved a breakfast date after that, though we had planned on shopping and a quick dinner. We ended our evening with breakfast at Denny’s and then a terrifying drive home in the snow that I forgot was going to happen. We made it home safe and sound, though, and today I am chilling in my chair with my Korean drama and my cats and that’s what I’m doing. Sorry for the long post, but now you’re all caught up! Have a lovely day, my friends.

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