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Good morning friends! We’ll see if I can actually get this out this morning without getting distracted by cats or Facebook. This morning I’m up and functioning because I super had to pee and once I was up to pee I might as well just be up for the day. I have my protein shake and my peanut butter bagel and a kitten in my lap and I’m ready to start the day. I’ll probably be ready for a nap after this, but we’ll at least try to get started, shall we?

The parade of boxes has begun here as my first shower approaches this weekend. This is a thing that I think I should have been expected and yet wasn’t until the first box showed up on Tuesday. We registered on Amazon because it’s most convenient to be able to put a registry together without leaving the house, for one, and it’s most convenient for most people to shop online without having to leave the house, for another. Especially with the unpredictable weather PA winters tend to bring. We may or may not get 4 inches of snow on Saturday, apparently, so that’ll be fun. Anyway, the convenient thing about Amazon is that you can opt to just send the gift straight to the recipient instead of having it delivered to your house so you can lug it to the shower and then they can lug it home. As can be expected, people have started to take advantage of that.

So Tuesday we got our first Amazon gift: a swing from my aunts. I was expecting a crib, since my mom had ordered us one that was due to come on Wednesday. However, it was too light to be a crib and when we opened it, the box within the box displayed the fancy swing that I had registered for. So it begins. I keep getting e-mails from Amazon informing me that gifts are coming my way and I guess that means they’re being sent directly to us since I haven’t been notified about every item that’s been purchased off the registry. The e-mail is very ambiguous, though. It says “A gift is on it’s way!” but then states only that a gift has been purchased and not that it’s being sent to you specifically or anything. It also then informs me that I can look at my thank you list to see what’s been bought, but also reminds me that some people like their gifts to be a surprise. What do you want from me Amazon? Do you want me to look or not? Why are you giving me this temptation and then telling me not to peek?

Anyway, yesterday we did receive the much expected crib, which my husband will probably put together on Friday. We managed to time it really well, actually as we arrived home just shortly before the UPS guy arrived with the giant box full of crib and a smaller box with the mattress. Two more boxes to add to our collection of giant boxes. My husband has been trying to break them down as they come, but our recycling is very quickly filling up and it was just recycling day this week, so we’ll see how much we can fit in there before admitting defeat. We may have to load up our car on Sunday with cardboard and take it to church to be burned. I am a little disappointed we can’t build a fort out of them. How often do you get that many large boxes? Ah well, we’re grown ups, who have to do grown-up things with our boxes. In a few years, though, giant boxes will be made into forts or time machines, depending on the boxes.

I’ve gotten four e-mails from Amazon informing me that I have gifts on the way, so in theory we have at least two more packages coming sometime in the near future. We’ll also have the swarm of boxes from the shower, so that’ll be fun. Hopefully we can get them all organized before the second shower at the end of the month. The recycling people are going to miffed and confused by the amount of cardboard we’re sending out. I think it’s a little funny, actually. We didn’t have the usual influx of packages for Christmas this year as we somehow managed to buy most things in-store instead of online. So we basically just moved the box flood back a month. Funny how that works. Ah well, we’ll find something to do with all the boxes, one way or another. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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