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Nursery Beginnings

Good afternoon, dear friends! Remember when this was a morning blog? Yeah, that’s probably not a thing anymore. I actually got to sleep in today, which was the best. Of course sleeping in means much less than it used to, but I will take what I can get at this point. I was also only up like three times last night, so that was also nice. Sleep has been super hit or miss recently, but that’s what naps are for, right?

It’s January, which means that next month we are meeting our boys! Today we hit the 30 week mark, which is pretty huge. Not only are we officially third trimester, we’re creeping ever closer to the safe zone for the boys to come out. Every week brings us closer to a shorter NICU stay, which is our biggest goal, really. We’d love to not have a NICU stay at all, but if we could get away with the shortest stay possible, that’d be okay too. That being said, they will have to come home eventually and that means we need to get on the whole getting ready thing.

So we’ve started on the nursery, technically. We’ve cleared it out, for the most part, at the very least. Logan still needs to take the air conditioner down stairs from the summer, but that’s a relatively small detail. We need to sort through the closet to make room for baby clothes and get organizers for it and figure out what to do with all the stuff in the closet that we haven’t looked at since we moved. We need to actually break out the spot cleaner that my mom got us for Christmas so that the carpet will be at least mostly clean when we start moving furniture in. And we need to get furniture.

Thus far we have an end table, a book shelf and two baby hammock looking things that we’re borrowing from the Beers. I’m sure they have a name, but I’m not sure what the classification is for them, so we’ll go with folding baby hammock for now. They happened to have two of them, one that rocks and one that vibrates, which works out well for us. They had two floors and one baby at their old place. We’ll have one floor and two babies, so it all evens out. We also have a high chair, which is still stashed at my in-law’s place, and a bag full of new born clothes that need sorted out. I should take my bowl chair in there and do that, except that we still don’t have a place to put them, so I guess not so much.

I have plans, at least, for all the things that will go into the nursery once we get them. I have to measure the closet space so we can go back to Ikea and grab some of those hangy fabric shelves. I figure It might be easier than dealing with draws to have all the clothes hanging out in the closet. Saves on space too. Not sure now much extra space we’ll have once we get the cribs in. We also have to figure out how the cribs are fitting. We have to decide if we’re putting them in long ways against the wall, or short ways sticking out into the room. I think they’ll fit long ways, but I don’t want to count on it, and that kind of determines which crib we get. I also need to talk to our friends who offered to lend us a second crib. We were going to take it last month, but they couldn’t find the screws and such that went with it, so they were going to see about having them replaced. We’ll see if that works out, and if not, we’ll just have to buy another crib, which my parents have graciously offered to get us.

Sometime this week we should be getting a glider, too, from my in-laws. They were wonderful enough to let us pick one out last week and it should come into the store sometime this week. I’m so excited to set up some actual furniture in the nursery instead of just stuffing boxes of random baby stuff back there. I’m excited to get my corner all set up and figure out what all I need in my little nursing station. I really need to get one of those big water bottles with the ounces on the side. That would probably be useful. I’d like to get lots of baskets for all the things, snacks, books, toys, you name it, a basket is probably the answer. The boys are accumulating stuffed animals already, so that’s a thing that we will need to organize.

I also have to start sorting through our room to clear a space for the bassinets, which is a thing I’d rather not think about too much. I know that’s the more urgent thing, since they’ll be sleeping in our room for the first few months, but it’s such a daunting task, which is why I haven’t done it yet. So much stuff, so little storage space. I think another plastic tote may be required. Luckily, I think they’re on sale at Target right now, so maybe we’ll have to grab some of those when we go shopping next.

Anyway, we’re making very little baby steps of progress in getting ready. Things will speed up, I’m sure, after the showers when we have lots of stuff to shove in there and organize, but until then, we’ll keep plucking away at it, piece by piece. The more pieces we get, the more real it becomes that we’re almost there. In under 50 days we’ll have two little boys to snuggle and care for and try to keep alive for the foreseeable future. We are so excited and also quite a bit nervous about the whole thing. Hopefully we’ll be ready in time.

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