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Welcome to 2018

Welcome, dear friends! To the new year! We’ve made it to 2018, guys, how exciting is that? For us here, we’ve reached the birth year of our sons, which is both terrifying and so exciting all at once. We are still so unprepared, but we’re working on it, slowly. I have my first shower in two weeks and once we get all that we’re getting from other people we can go out and look for whatever’s left. That’s the hard part about showers and babies. I want to be getting ready now, but I have to wait and see what people want to buy me first. I can’t go out and buy things that are on my registry and I don’t know what sizes of clothing I’ll get so I won’t know how to fill things in until I do. We did receive a big bag of newborn clothing from a woman at church, so there’s that.

I’ve just started off the new year by getting side-tracked. This is probably going to be a trend as my brain becomes increasingly scattered towards the end of my pregnancy. Yeah, you’re going to be hearing a lot about that in the coming months. I plan on taking a few weeks off after the twins get here, of course, so you can look forward to a break towards late February, into March. January, though, should be full of baby talk and pregnancy complaints, probably. Welcome to 2018, guys! We start our childbirth classes tomorrow, which is a four part course, and then we’ll have our childcare basics course next Thursday, so that’s exciting. Maybe after that we’ll feel a little more prepared for the coming storm.

So the new year is a time for resolutions, traditionally speaking. As always, I have a few thoughts on what I’d like to do more or less of in 2018. Mostly I’m focused on the boys coming safely and being able to take care of them, but there are also the usual things thrown in there as well. The exception for this year is the yoga. I am not going to attempt to do 30 days of yoga this year. I’ve tried every year since I got married to do the 30 days of yoga challenge through January and every year I’ve failed. This year I have no delusions that I can do it. I am seven months pregnant and we’re just not going there. I will be trying to do more yoga than I have been, since I kind of fell off the ball through Christmas, but more because the stretching is good for me and I need to keep sort of active at least. I’ve given up with the videos, though, I just can’t move fast enough at this point to keep up with most of them and the others are very yoga spiritual. I don’t need to engage with my baby or send them strength or whatever they want me to do. I just need to practice breath control and stretch my muscles, that’s all I want.

Anyway, I will be trying, as always, to get back into doing daily devotions and prayer. I’ve been really super bad about it recently and I’m hoping starting with the beginning of the year will help put me back on track. Logan and I are also going to attempt reading through the Bible together this year for our newly established family worship. We really want to have a well set worship routine for when the boys are old enough to participate, so we’re starting now. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to set a consistent time for family worship after the boys get here and we figure out what our new schedule will be like. There will be things that we’ll have to give up, social outings will be fewer, I’m sure, and the boys will need consistency in their day, so I think that will aid us in our planning of family events. We’ll see, once the dust settles on the first few weeks of chaos.

For myself, I’m attempting Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening again this year. I got it off a friend a few years back and tried to go through it, with the usual amount of success. I decided to switch to My Utmost for His Highest last year and used little sticky notes to mark the ones I had done as a sort of sticker-chart style motivation. It was partially successful. I did a lot of them, in chunks, but there were also large chunks I missed, so it was maybe a 50% success rate for the year. I’m thinking I’ll do the morning portions of Spurgeon until the boys are born and then probably switch over to the podcast so that I can listen while I take care of the boys. I don’t know what kind of quiet time I’ll have or what position I’ll be in when it comes. I may end up with a mix of reading and listening, who knows. I don’t want to set myself on one thing and then feel bad for failing to keep up with it when the twins are born. I fully expect to have to adapt, a lot.

So that will be my 2018, probably. I’ll be seeking to spend more time with God, while trying to prepare for two tiny human boys, who I will then attempt to keep alive for the next eighteen years or so. It’ll be a good time, I think. I’m so thankful that I’ll have Logan beside me through all of this. I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now without him here to reassure me and keep me on target. I hope you all had a very happy New Years day, and have an awesome new year ahead of you! Have a lovely day, and year, my friends!

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