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So Much Christmas, So Little Time

Well, we’re a week away from Christmas and there’s so much left to do. We’re running rather behind this year, since the whole twin thing happened. Finding out half way through your pregnancy that there are two babies instead of one, and then having to switch doctors twice is a little distracting. By the time we had a grasp on the whole situation it was Thanksgiving and then we were flung head-long into the swirl of Christmas activities and things that need to be done all in one month, when usually we’ve been planning for a while leading up to the rush. It’s been a very odd year.

We made great progress yesterday, though, during our annual trip to Pittsburgh with the in-laws. It was a little rough, I’ll be honest, carrying around 5+ pounds of baby while shopping, but that’s the way it is this year. My feet were so sad by the end of the day, but my amazing husband gave me a great foot rub when we got home, so it was worth it. We had a lovely time, as always, exploring the Market Square village and looking at the gingerbread houses in PPG place. We ate so many clams and managed to actually check several people off our list, leaving us with three people on our list, one that’s mostly done, and two I just need to actually get the gift for. It was a good day.

So since we have most of the gifts for the year, I just have to start wrapping. Thankfully, wrapping tends to be a pretty quick job, but it is a tedious one, and one that I’m a little wary of this year. I usually wrap on the floor. I like to spread my stuff out and work in wide chaos. This year, I’m not sure how wise it is for me to work on the floor. I’ll probably be able to get back up, but you never know. Also, I may have a mild belly concern. It’s been more and more in the way recently and I’m afraid it will interfere with my wrapping. We’ll find out today, since today is the day of wrapping. I usually put on the Muppet’s Christmas Carol for this job, but this year I think I’ll watch White Christmas instead. Poor Dakota would be appalled that I haven’t watched it yet this year. I did mention I was behind, didn’t I?

I have at least gotten in A Garfield’s Christmas special. That is a very important part my Christmas celebration. I always watch it with my dad and sister when we do candy cane cookies. Other Christmas specials, however, have yet to be watched. Come to think of it, if I could set up our Blu-ray player, I could watch all the specials. My parents accidentally bought a Blu-ray collection of Christmas specials two years ago, which I got since we have a Blu-ray player. We stole the cord from it, though, to use with my computer a while back and got a replacement, which never got hooked up. And now I think the Switch is hooked up in its place. Hmm. We’ll see, I may be able to figure out switching the set up, but it’s a 50/50 chance.

I had planned on baking today, but that will have to wait until this evening when my husband returns with all the things I forgot I needed in order to bake. I’ll be making muffins today for breakfast tomorrow with my college roommates. I had hoped to also do snowball cookies, since I finally acquired the recipe from my dad, but it too requires things that I don’t have… like eggs, and chocolate chips. So Thursday, will be my baking day for Christmas cookies. I’ll also need to bake scones for a tea I’m having with my cousins on Saturday. I should also probably ask if I need to bring my massive tea collection. That might be a good idea. I was hoping to make the chocolate mint chip cookies I made last year, but I never save the recipe I use, ever, apparently. I’ve made them twice now and still have yet to save the recipe. If I have time I’ll have to find yet another recipe and try to make them, maybe Friday. We’ll see.

I still have to finish sending Christmas cards, I have one more gift to get my husband, and we have to figure out what we’re making for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which probably involves more baking. I have so many bananas, I may just make some banana bread and bring that. It’s not super festive, but it is delicious and easy. I’m all about easy this year. I really only have one party food, and I stole it from my mom, so I can’t really use it with my family. Anyway, that’s my list of things to do for the week. We’ll see how much gets done before Christmas. The specials and the baking are on the line, but gifts and wrapping must be done by Christmas so as long as I get through those, I’ll be happy. Now it’s time to roll up my sleeves, light up the tree, and get to work. Wish my lucky, friends, I’m going to need it!

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