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Days of Thankfulness: Finally Doctors

Good morning friends! Today I am thankful to finally have an actual Ob for this pregnancy. It’s been a very long and winding journey to this point, but we have had our first appointment and have three more set for the rest of the year. It is such a weight off our minds to finally have someone definitive to go to. I have a number to call now, in case something happens, or even if I just think maybe there might be something off. I have a messaging board for when I’m self conscious about calling, which is great. I’m just really relieved to know that we actually know where we’re going.

We’ve been through four care providers in two months. That’s a lot of switching around. The last time I was actually seen before Friday was mid September, which is a really long time to go without a check-up while pregnant. I had to wait for my new insurance card to start the process of switching initially, which came mid-September. Then I had to go through the process of getting into the Midwife Center, since that was my ultimate first choice. We thought the insurance switch was a sign that was where we were meant to give birth and I was pretty excited that we could actually go there now. The process is a long one, though, and we couldn’t get an appointment until the end of October. Okay, two weeks longer than I would have liked, but not terrible. I did want to at least get my ultrasound on time, though, so they sent me a script and I got that scheduled the week before.

This is a month and one week since my last appointment and we find out we’re having twins, half a week away from our first midwife’s appointment. So once again we’re reeling and trying to figure out which way is up and once again have to find someone else to take care of us. The Midwife Center was great, but they don’t do multiples at all. They were incredibly kind about telling me and helping me get in with the Midwives at Magee, which they thought would be the next best fit. They told me if I had any trouble they would handle it and get me in and made sure to check up with me to make sure I had gotten my appointment and everything. It was really nice to feel like they genuinely wanted my transition to go well, and I still think the world of them.

Unfortunately, the Midwives at Magee only do di/di twins, which have two placentas and two sacs. They don’t do mono/di twins, which have only one placenta and two sacs because they’re higher risk. Our boys are mono/di. So once again, at a month and two weeks since our last actual appointment, we were being transferred again. This time we were given over to the specialists. The Maternal Fetal Medicine group deal exclusively with high risk pregnancies, so they know what they’re doing. We have been assured they are the very top of their field and we couldn’t be in better hands. I was still highly upset about the whole being switched again thing, but at least now we know there is nowhere else for us to go. We have reached the very top.

So we had our appointment on Friday and talked with a nurse and a fellow and a doctor. We’ll be dealing with physician’s assistants from now one, I think, but at least I’ll be getting checked out every two weeks. We’ll have an ultrasound with every appointment, too, so there’s that. I’m pretty excited to be able to see the boys every other week and know for sure that they’re looking good and growing like they should. Everyone we dealt with in our appointment was really nice and very helpful. It was such a relief to finally be able to pull out my list of questions and get some answers from a professional.

Now, we did have an unfortunate experience with the ultrasound department on the first floor. I had to go up there because of the short notice of having an ultrasound the same day as my appointment that I wasn’t expecting. But the nurse from the MFM group called up and made an appointment for us to get an ultrasound, which the U/S people didn’t actually put in. So we showed up for our ultrasound only to be told that we didn’t have an appointment and should go talk to the people downstairs. So we went down stairs to talk to them, had to wait half an hour for our turn to talk to the scheduler who called around, found the mistake upstairs and set us back up for our ultrasound. We then waited an hour and a half from that point to be seen. We’re not fans of the people on the first floor. The ultrasound tech was very nice, at least, and did her job well. The people in the front, not so much.

Thankfully, two of the three coming ultrasounds will be downstairs with the MFM people and not with the U/S people upstairs. We will have to deal with them next time, but hopefully that will be the last one. We shouldn’t have an issue this time since the MFM scheduler made our appointment and it was not left in the hands of an incompetent U/S nurse.  At any rate, we did finally have our ultrasound and are looking forward to future ultrasounds to see our little wiggle boys.

I’m so thankful to finally be secure with a practice and to know that there is no reason for us to be moving again. I’m thankful that we were brought to the very best people possible to take care of us and our twins. I’m thankful that we have the right insurance to be at Magee and know that we’re covered. I’m really excited, actually, that our boys will be born at Magee. Logan was born there and I love the idea that all of my boys will have been born in the same place. I think it’s super cool. I’m thankful, mostly, that in the midst of all this upheaval and change, God is in control and He led us exactly to where we need to be. Today, I am thankful to finally have a doctor. What are you thankful for?

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