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Ramble from the iPad

Good morning, friends! I’m writing to you, once again, from my iPad in my in-laws’ living room. I forgot to bring my tiny keyboard, though, so this will be especially brief as I’m typing on the touch keyboard and it’s super weird. I’ve already written an email like this today and it has yet to get more comfortable. At least the auto correct is pretty good. It did want to change my name, though, which would have been embarrassing if I had not caught it.

It’s laundry day again and I’m once more washing all the clothes. We missed last week due to a very busy schedule and thus have double the laundry to do this week. Hopefully i can get it all done before I have to go grab Logan from work, since we also have D&D tonight and have to be back in time to pick up my brother. If I only get through Logan’s stuff, that will be sufficient, I think. I though about splitting it into three loads but there really isn’t time for that. It’s super disconcerting trying to type by feel and not being able to feel the keys. I am a very good typist, but this is a challenge. I just kind of have to hope that the keys I need are where I think they are. Also, the keyboard is tiny and that sort of throws things off a bit. 

Anyway, we’re doing mini games for the rest of the year at D&D since one of our players is unavailable until January. We’ve decided to do some fun, spooky games for Halloween and I’m pretty pumped about it. My brother is running a game in my first table top system and I’m rather excited to pull it out again. I’ll be playing a character that’s a little out of my normal range, since my preferred character type was already taken. It’ll be a stretch for me, but stretching is good. I hope there aren’t a ton of typos in here. I haven’t actually been paying that much attention, just trying to hit the right buttons. 

So that’s my day, laundry and gaming. Tomorrow, maybe corn maze? A friend mentioned taking the day off tomorrow to do the corn maze we’ve been wanting to do all month, but it seems like a little short notice for both of them to take off suddenly and we’ll have to find one that’s open during the week. The big nice one we found last year is only open on the weekends. I’m not sure about the one we went to before the big one. We’ll see, I guess. If not corn maze, probably raking, provided the weather is nice. Raking is a thing that should not be put off until the last possible moment. This is what I learned last year. I hope you all are enjoying the finally fallish weather as much as I am. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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