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Pre-Vacation Ramble

Good morning, friends! This is my last post before my week of vacation! I’m so ready to be off on the beach, hanging out with family and friends for a whole week! We’ve gone shopping and are almost officially ready for the big drive out to Ohio. We just need to pack, and clean the house, and stuff. Of course I’ll be making a mess on Saturday making dirt pudding for the pool party, but what vacation is complete without a last minute mess to clean up?

My brother will be living in our house for the week to watch our cats and stuff. Pearl is so excited about this. Or she would be, if she understood what was happening. She and Eric are great friends. She gets so happy whenever he comes over to stay the night. She is particularly into his socks. Just his socks, mind you. She couldn’t care less about my socks or Logan’s socks, but if Eric is here and he takes his socks off, or she takes one from him, she is in heaven. I don’t understand, but she’s really into his stuff. So she’ll be very pleased that her best friend is staying with them for a week, I’m sure. Calamity could probably care less, as long as she gets fed promptly.

I did buy a new swim suit for our big vacation. I’m having a little bit of regret, only because I also saw a very nice cardigan while we were shopping that I definitely had enough on my gift card for. I could have just gotten the cardigan and worn one of my several other swim suits, but no, I wanted a new one. To be fair, while I like most of my old swim suits, I wanted a two-piece that actually matched. I can’t find the bottoms to the one I got a few years ago, the brown bottoms I got don’t match the brown top I had, and the one matching set I have are from high school and probably need to be retired. So, I could have just worn my polka-dot black and white one piece and matched my sisters-in-law, but two-pieces are so much more convenient, and swim suits are on clearance now, so it was probably the best time to buy anyway. I am still a little sad about the cardigan, though. Maybe it’ll be on sale later in the year and I can buy it then. Maybe it’ll even be on clearance when we make our annual Black Friday trip out. We’ll see.

So I have a swim suit, my husband now owns a pair of flip flops for the beach, and our fridge is stocked with frozen foods for my brother’s consumption during the week. It just occurred to me that we were going to get lunch meats and I completely forgot about that. Ah well, we can stop today and grab some. Probably better to get that sort of thing as late as possible. We forgot to grab a basket or a cart or anything when we went shopping and so were walking around with armfuls of food stuffs and trying to not drop anything. It kind of worked. Anyway, I’ll probably want to pick up snacks for our trip closer to when we leave so they’re not a temptation before that. I imagine we can stop on our way back from the church pool party on Saturday.

So cleaning the house is the next big task and then packing up everything we need so we can leave Monday morning. Calamity is almost done with her meds, which is encouraging. She’s so ready to not have a syringe shoved in her mouth morning and night. She’s starting hiding whenever she suspects we’re going to give her medicine, whether we actually are or not. Pearl knew when it was medicine time and would only avoid us then. Calamity just sort of assumes if we’re following her it’s because we want to give her medicine. Her eye is still squinty, which is concerning, but I’m really hoping it’ll be okay while we’re gone. I’d hate to ask my brother to take her to the vet, but it might be necessary. I’m wondering if we should leave him some money, just in case.

We’ll just have to pray that everything goes alright. I feel a lot better about the whole thing knowing my brother will be here with them. I’m sure he’ll let us know if anything isn’t right. Hopefully. Anyway, we’re almost ready for our big vacation for the year. It’s going to be lovely, I’m sure, and I can’t wait for a relaxing week. No appointments, no panicked grocery shopping, no chores; just beaches and books. I’m going to read so many things. I will see you all the week after next!

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