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Good morning friends. I am writing to you in a rush this morning as I prepare for a road trip I was pulled into about twelve hours ago. This seems to be my lot in life this year, suddenly going on adventures without warning. This is the second one in two months. If this persists next month I might become worried about it, but we’ll see how this one goes first.

I’m driving across the state with my sister-in-law and back today. There and back again, if you will. Only with less eagles, and goblins, and dragons, probably. If we start a battle of five armies, I’ll let you know. Why are we going to the other side of the state, you ask? Well, Lauren’s art was accepted into an art show out there. This is her first one and they apparently expect her to be there. It’ll be good for her to meet potential buyers and make connections and all that, so she really wants to be there. She was going to drive out and back with her mom, but Mom-in-law just started a job this week, so that can’t happen. After talking to her parents, she was still determined to go, even by herself. This is where I come in.

Logan has friends in from out of town this weekend and they’ve planned all sorts of fun activities while they’re all together. This means he isn’t going to be home all weekend anyway, and I would be hanging out alone with the cats. Since my schedule is completely free, I agreed to step in and be Lauren’s driving buddy for this crazy adventure. I figure, if she’s going to do it, the least I can do is make sure she gets there and back in one piece. I admire her courage, though. I would not have even considered making a trip like that on my own.

So she’s picking me up about 11:30-ish and we’re heading off to cross the great state of Pennsylvania. I’ve downloaded lots of podcasts and some music for the dead zones that will inevitably take up most of our trip. I’ll probably be driving most of the way back so I’ve grabbed some things to hopefully keep my attention while I drive. It’ll be an interesting adventure. I’m super into podcasts while I drive, but I don’t know that Lauren will enjoy them as much as I do. She should also try to nap while I drive since she’s been up since 3 am for work today. We’ll hopefully be back to her apartment by 1/2 am tonight. Wish us luck, guys, we’re going to need it! Have a lovely weekend, my friends.

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