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Of Cats and Laundry

We had a laundry adventure this weekend, my friends. But we also got to hang out some very nice kitties and their very nice people, so that was also cool. Still, the whole weekend was a little bizarre and has left me still quite sleepy, so we’re doing a ramble about my interesting weekend.

The shower went very well, by the way. My games seemed to be enjoyed, which I was very relieved to hear. I hope the advice and date ideas went over well, also, but I haven’t talked to the bride since so who can say. I was very proud of how my sign turned out, though, so there was that. I wonder if that’s where the mason jar went. I forgot about it while I was wrapping the mug and I think someone put it away with the sign for future use. Not that that’s a problem or anything, I just thought about it later and wondered what happened to it.

Anyway, while I was doing showery things I sent Logan over to the house to hang out with Dad and do the laundry. I forgot to warn him about over stuffing the laundry. I had some sheets in there with my stuff because I thought we’d have room, and then we switched Bible study to Thursdays and then our leader got a cold and canceled and so it was Saturday and I had more laundry than expected. My husband put all of it in, thinking it’d be fine, but apparently it was too much and didn’t spin out properly in the wash. Thus my clothes were apparently soaking wet coming out of the washer and he had to wring them out a little before moving them over. This meant that a cycle in the dryer later, everything was still damp. So he put it in for another cycle and Dad suggested we go out somewhere to walk around for a bit.

This, I think, was our downfall. We had a lovely time walking around the mall and then we grabbed some dinner and went grocery shopping and it was fun, but we got back around nine and guess what was still damp? My clothing. So another cycle was set and we put on some A New Hope to kill some time, since my husband’s stuff was still waiting in the washer. Thankfully his stuff wasn’t as wet coming out and dried in one cycle. Still, we went until 11:30 doing laundry and then finished A New Hope, which took us nearly to midnight. We didn’t get to bed until around 1:30 am.

Up at seven to feed the cats, of course, back to bed and up again at nine to get ready for church. Some friends of ours decided that we should have an anti-superbowl party. We did not look at superb owls, though, which was a little sad, but we did eat some really good guacamole. They make it with apples, which I’ve never seen before, but was actually really good. We played a card game and then Mario Kart on an emulator, so the original Mario Kart. I’d never played the original, but I weirdly enjoy racing games in general, so that was a lot of fun. Then Mario Party came out and that was not nearly as fun as I remember it being. It was more tedious than anything and confusing and I really wasn’t sure what was going on half the time. We didn’t finish that one.

We did, however, play with the fluffiest of fluffy kitties. These friends have three cats, two older cats who are a little skittish and a little slow, and then a full grown kitten who hasn’t yet reached a year old. The kitten is named Bumi and he is the fluffiest cat. He likes snuggles and attacks, but he’s pretty good with his claws, which is a nice change. We played with him and he perched on my husband’s shoulder for a while. It was very cute. When we got home we were laying on the bed and Calamity was sniffing all over Logan’s back where Bumi had been climbing. Simon wandered around while we were there, mostly sleeping in his little cat bed. He’s such a pretty cat, cream colored with bright blue eyes. Finn is gray and very skittish and kind of hovered around, occasionally accepting pets, but mostly just wanting to be around but not near. The only time Finn is my friend is when his people are out of town and I come to feed him.

So that was our weekend. We struggled with laundry and then played with a hyperactive kitten with all the fluff. Not a bad way to spend the weekend, I would say. I hope you also had an enjoyable weekend. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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