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One of Those Days Ramble

Good morning friends. It is one of those days. I’ve been sitting in my chair for a while now and I don’t really know what to write and I’m getting picked up in about an hour so I kind of need to get something out there so I can move on with my day. So you’re getting a ramble again, which I feel only slightly bad about at this point as I’m sure you’re all used to them by now.

I have a purring cat on my lap just now. She just got here and scared the crap out of me as I looked over my shoulder just as she was jumping up on the chair and all I saw was her fuzzy face coming straight for mine. She is quite happily kneading my blanket now, probably with a big mouthful of fabric, because Calamity has no sense of proportion. She and Pearl were abandoned when they were babies and my sister took them home and raised them. One of the older female cats claimed them as her own, but she had never had kittens before so she couldn’t feed them. We suspect they don’t really know how to suckle and that’s why she’s so weird about latching onto the blanket. It’s a little funny because her mouth gets all dry from having the blanket in there so when she finally lets go five minutes later she smacks her lips a lot to try and get the moisture back. She also leaves a giant wet spot on my blanket.

I’m almost through the vanilla bean portion of my tri-scented candle. That’s pretty exciting, I guess. It’s a very strong smelling candle. I just have the lid off right now and I can still smell it pretty well. The next scent is caramel and I’m pretty pumped for that one. I’m curious about the biscotti smell, though. I mean I know what vanilla smells like and how caramel smells in general and they’re pretty common candle scents, but biscotti is new and unique, and of course, the last one. My husband was impressed yesterday when he saw how far I am into the candle already. I still have a lot to go, though, so I’m confident it’ll last me until spring.

Speaking of spring, what is this weather? It’s been not cold and raining for the past like five days. I don’t know if it’s rainy today, actually, I haven’t looked outside yet, but it’s rained the past couple days and then gotten cold again and things have been slushy or frozen and it’s very disconcerting. We went out with my siblings on Monday for dinner and when Logan came home it was raining and when we left to pick up my brother it was snowing and slushy on the porch. What is this nonsense? Why can’t it just be winter and leave it at that? I’d be much happier that way, I think, except I can’t hope for that now because my mom’s supposed to come down next Monday for a movie day and she won’t be able to if the roads are bad, so scratch that. Keep doing what you’re doing, weather, as long as it’s clear on Monday.

So that’s just about my ten minutes of rambling. Calamity has curled up and gone to sleep on me now. She’s very cute but I’ll have to disturb her in half an hour so I can get dressed and stuff. For now I guess I’ll just sit here and make the most of this position. She has her little paw covering her face right now. It’s super super cute. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day, my friends.

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