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Sick Cat Ramble

Good morning friends! Welcome to the holiday season! I’m going to get into some Christmasy things here soon, I promise, but this morning I’m just going to go on a little bit of a ramble because we’ve had a bit of a cat scare and I’m getting a late start on everything today.

So last night we came home from our usually Sunday with the family to find that one of our cats had been sick, a lot. There were many spots of cat vomit between the living room, hall and bedroom and it was very disconcerting. Most of them, thankfully, were easy to clean up. We weren’t too worried initially, as cats do that sometimes and there we only counted four to start… and then I kept finding more and we fed the girls and Pearl wasn’t eating. She didn’t even come when I opened the can. Logan brought her into the kitchen and she sort of watched and came over with ┬áme when I put the food down, but didn’t eat at all. She just sat there, watching Calamity eat. This is the point where I get worried. But there was nothing to be done. The vet isn’t open on Sundays and definitely not at 11pm. So we put Pearl in the back room, just in case, and went to bed.

My alarm went off at 7 because on Wednesdays I drop my brother off at the bus stop and I just never bother to change the alarm back. At first I didn’t know what day it was. I went through the weekend, thinking, “Why is my alarm going off so early? It’s Saturday, no wait, Sunday, we have a couple hours. Oh wait, it’s Monday. Oh no, we can’t call the vet for another hour.” And of course this spiraled me down into a pit of anxiety about calling the vet and waiting to call the vet and not letting Pearly out and if she was okay and what we might find when we opened the door to the back room. She could have vomit all over the place. It could be covered in blood. It could be just fine.

We waited another half an hour before going to check on her finally and feed the cats. The hard part this morning was that Pearl is the one who cries at the door. Without her, who’s to say what time is feeding time? I mean, we know 7:30 is feeding time, generally, but we might have slept right through it if my alarm hadn’t gone off. We let Pearl out and she came out right away, happy to see us. The back room was vomit free, which made me feel a little better. Logan gave the girls their dry food and they both ate hungrily! I have never been so happy to see a cat eating in my whole life! Except maybe after their vaccine reaction. So she’s been fine all morning, eating and drinking like normal. She even did her little flop thing which she wouldn’t do yesterday.

We called the vet anyway, once they were opened, and they called us back to say just keep an eye on her. If she does any more vomiting today we’ll call again and take her in, but barring that, she should be fine. She hasn’t thrown up in the two hours thus far since she ate again, and they’re currently keeping watch out the window, which is a usual cat thing to do. Pearl even brought me a toy mouse, which I think is a good sign. I’m feeling pretty optimistic that she’ll be okay and hopefully she shouldn’t have to take another trip to the vet. We’re all super sick of going to the vet this month.

I am sorry that this has been mostly a cat update blog this whole month. I feel a little bad that all I talk about right now is my cats, but they have been having many adventures recently. Hopefully things will calm down and we can move on to holiday fun. Today I’m hoping to get out the tree with my sister and do some decorationy things. We’ll see how that goes. It’ll be an adventure in and of itself decorating with tinsel and two cats. Wish us luck, and have a lovely day, my friends.

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