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Free Writing 5: Not So Hot

Today I have a confession to make, guys. I’m super not into NaNoWriMo this year. I was vaguely excited about it, I really like the story that I’m working on, I’m pretty pumped about it’s potential and the possibilities that it has, but I’m just not into writing right now. This month has been crazy busy and when I do have a moment to sit down I feel rushed into writing since I used up my buffer early on. I think I may be giving up.

I’ll be honest, though, I’m not that upset about it. I feel like I may only have one good burst in me for the year and I used it up back in July with the NaNoWriMo camp. This is not a great way to write, by the way, I really should learn to pace myself better. I like the bursts of productivity, though. I feel really good about myself when I look back at a months work and I have 17,000 more words written than I did to start with. It feels good to have made so much progress. Maybe if I just picked a writing day once a week. I should try that, except that my schedule fluctuates so much it’s hard to say when I’ll get that time to sit down and write. Mondays are usually free, but they’re also free for my sister and we want to hang out more. Thursdays are also often free, but then I like to plan coffee dates and parent visits for Thursdays then because they’re often free and I don’t have to blog, usually, so it makes leaving early easier.

I realize that if I just put it into my schedule and leave it there everything else will mold around it because it’s a fixed thing. In theory. I don’t know that it would actually work that way. I have a tendency to be a bit floppy on plans that can be floppy. Without someone holding me accountable I tend to think “Oh I can do it later,” or “oh I can shuffle that around.” and then it doesn’t actually happen. I also need to do actual research which I have been saying for months now and it hasn’t happened. The only thing to happen this month that has been productive is some character development stuff. But then I run into things that I haven’t figured out yet. Like why does a rebellion need someone from another world to help them out? Why did they go through all the trouble of sending an portal through to the other reality? What do they possibly gain? Maybe they didn’t intend to bring someone over. Maybe they fell into it just as much as Quinn did. Maybe it was a lost experiment. Maybe the watch maker made the watch and it disappeared without him and appeared and was found in Quinn’s world and sold and bought and given to him and then brought him back and they’re all just as confused as he is. I have an entire scene to rewrite.

I mean, not that it wasn’t productive, but it is a pain to rewrite things. Especially when you’re entire goal for a month is to buff up the word count. It sets you back and you have to work up to where you were again and it’s very annoying. I like this new idea since it really didn’t make any sense that they would have sent the watch for him, but at the same time, I did introduce him to everyone for like a page and a half. That’s a lot of work stuffed elsewhere. I should write the watch’s journey too, probably. The watch is a character too, after all.

Okay, I’ll stop rambling at you now and get back to work… maybe. I’m not sure how much I’ll keep up with NaNoWriMo at this point. I’ve already missed several days and it’s Thanksgiving week so my updating chances are actually super slim, but we’ll see. At least I got some work out of it. I only wish it was during a month that was not inherently busy. Have a good day, my friends.

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