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Days of Thankfulness: Lazy Days

Today I am thankful for┬álazy days to stay home and not put real pants on. Technically today isn’t a truly lazy day as I have some cleaning and stuff to do, but just the fact that I have the option of not going outside or getting dressed like a real human is so nice after the super busy week I’ve had and the busy week before that. I need to catch up on my cat snuggles.

I’m thankful for lazy days to hang out in my comfy pants. I’m also thankful for comfy pants. Seriously, who wants to put real pants on in the morning? Not that there’s anything wrong with real pants, other than they’re just not as comfy as yoga pants. Yes, I wear yoga pants. I love my yoga pants. They are the comfiest of all the pants. I only wish they had pockets in them. Everything is made better by having pockets. My husband doesn’t understand this desire to hang out in my jammies all day. He is a man who needs to shower and get dressed every morning. I will quite happily stay in my warm pants and sweat shirt all day if I can, however, and often change back into comfy clothes after I shower, as opposed to real people clothes.

I’m thankful for lazy days to binge all day. I’m a binger, binge reading, binge watching, binge gaming. I have the ability to sit and do the same thing all day long without getting sick of it. I’ll play Kingdom Hearts for hours, or sit curl up in my chair and read all day, or watch an entire season of a tv show in one sitting. My husband doesn’t have that ability, so I have to binge watch things by myself. He gets very sick of things very quickly, which is why I watch Parks and Rec with my mom-in-law on Wednesdays now. I’m thankful that sometimes I get days off where I can chill at home and watch Netflix all day.

I’m thankful for lazy days to chill and recharge. I’m thankful to get a day where I don’t have to go out and interact with people for a while. I’m not nearly as introverted as my husband, but social interactions can still be draining and after a whole two weeks of going out and doing things with all the people it’s so nice to have a day just to myself. I’m thankful that I don’t have to leave my comfy chair if I don’t want to, I could stay here all day and snuggle kitties, if they so desire to snuggle. Right now I’m snuggling with Calamity and it is quite nice. She even left my arm free enough to type.

Sure, I have a list of things I should do today. I have some cleaning up to do around the living room and I should mow the lawn before it gets cold this weekend. But there is no one to tell me I have to do them now. I can do them whenever I want and sure I’ll have to put on some semblance of real clothing to go outside, but no one’s here to tell me I can mow in my yoga pants. No one will see me, so no one has to know. So today I’m thankful for lazy days at home, even if they’re only partially lazy. What are you thankful for?

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