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Free Writing 3: Of Leafs and Cards

Good morning friends. I’m geting an okay start today, I guess, as far as time goes. I actually got a good start to my day as far as other things are concerned. I did yoga this morning and listened to a devotional podcast which was pretty good so I’m off to a pretty good start over all, I think. My husband got me out of bed again today so that was good. I feel a little bad that I can’t get out of bed on my own, apparently, but it’s much easier when he makes me do it. My cats are playing with my yoga mat now, because I left it on the floor. This is what I get for not putting it away right away. I knew they would do this. But I also wanted coffee, and to sit in my comfy chair, so that’s what I did. I’ll pick it up when I vacuum later.

I was not as productive as I’d have liked to have been yesterday. I didn’t do any writing, because I’m a bad NaNoWriMoer this year. It happens. I’m either really good at the beginning and terrible at the end, or I’m awful all month and then the last week sprint through as much as I can. It is the way of the NaNoWriMo for me. So I’ll get my butt in gear eventually, I’m just not sure when. I had some very encouraging words from my friends this past week on my work, so that was good motivation for a day, and then I had the most draining three days ever and all that kind of went out the window.

I did rake all leaves yesterday, though, and I called my mom, which is a thing I should really do more often. I don’t get up there as much as I should either, so the calling thing should be more prevalent, however, it’s also a commitment of several hours on the phone sometimes. We tend to feed off each other and of course you can say “oh, I’m going to let you go now,” but inevitably one of us will think of something we wanted to ask the other and that’ll get us talking all over again and half an hour later we’re saying “Okay, I’ll let you go now,” all over again. So in order to call my mom I have to make sure I don’t have anything else I need to do for the rest of the day, as I call her in the afternoon, until Logan gets home. And that’s how I talk to my mom.

I’m thinking about Christmas cards today. They’re on sale on Shuterfly and I love Shutterfly, but don’t use them all that often. I realize it’s too early for Christmas and I refuse to celebrate in anyway until after Thanksgiving. However, the whole being prepared for the season thing is also a thing that is important so that we can enjoy those few weeks without stressing out over getting things and making things and all that. We’re learning to be more prepared. The year we were engaged we were still buying things for people the day before Christmas eve. It was nuts. We decided never again. We’ve got maybe half of our gift ideas locked in. I always want to do Christmas cards, though, and we never do. We could do the ones that you buy and write something in and send out, but I feel like the picture ones are so much more fun. I need to talk to Lindsey, actually, she has a picture somewhere of me and Logan she never sent us. It was during a wedding, so I’m sure it probably got lost in all the madness. I’ll have to see if she can dig it up. We don’t often get nice pictures of us.

Anyway, I’ve gone over time now so I’ll actually let you all go and not keep you for another half an hour pouring my brain out on you. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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