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Free Writing 2: Election Day

Good morning friends. I haven’t had coffee yet. I might eat a bagel today, we have those now. No cream cheese, but peanut butter, which is just as good, really. Different, but good. I’ll have to make coffee when I’m done here. Has anyone else noticed how unfortunate the time switch is? Basically anyone who has any sort of dependent that doesn’t get that clocks mean something is probably still suffering right now. Our cats still think it’s feeding time even though 7:30 is now 6:30. But at least it gets us up a little earlier. So that’s cool. Today we got up early and we voted.

Yup, it’s that day, the day many of us have been dreading for months and months now. Today we will get a new president. I’m not going to talk about that, though, because it only makes people angry and it’s too late now anyway. I will admit, I am not a very good politically aware citizen who is up on the issues and knows what’s going on. I had to look up what all I was voting for this year as my husband was in the shower. But I did look over my options and read a little about each and make a slightly more informed decision than going in and picking people at random. I was a little displeased that I only had one option for some, but that’s alright, I guess. I don’t even know what they were for. Which is my main political problem. I don’t really know what some of these offices do and what the issues involved in said offices are and so I don’t super understand even with the information about what the┬ácandidates believe and what their plans are. But, I did my best, and I did vote so that’s what’s important.

I must confess, dear friends, that I haven’t written at all yet this month. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did write up a few stats for one of my characters, but that wasn’t very much. I really should be doing more work, but it’s been such an unfortunate week for writing thus far and yesterday I did a mixture of productive things and chill things so I only feel a little bit bad about not writing. I was adulting. I made another doctors appointment and I wrote an article that’s due on the 15th and it’s only the 8th. If I were in college right now I wouldn’t have opened a new document until at least the 12th. I even sent it to a friend to read so she could give me critiques before I send it back to my father-in-law for approval. It’s about the church. It actually felt pretty good to be writing things like that again. I didn’t do too bad at feature writing, but the whole concept still seems a little intimidating, especially the outside input bit. The writing things for other people can be a bit scary.

So I wrote a thing about our church and the people in it and it apparently didn’t turn out too bad. I’m going to call said friend today to talk about it… after I’ve made coffee. I don’t remember what time I started typing. I don’t know how long it’s been, or if my time is up. Maybe I’ll just finish this paragraph and then be done, because coffee is calling to me. Crap, I forgot to tell my husband we need more coffee. And filters. We have the filters for the coffee maker, but not for the pour-over and those are the ones we need. We haven’t cleaned out the coffee maker in a while so we need to get on that too. Well, anyway, today I’ll try to do some actual writing, maybe. And then probably do some cleaning. That’s a thing I should do. At least I have a head start today. Have a lovely election day, my friends!

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