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Days of Thankfulness: Cats


On Thursday I went to the vet twice with two very sad cats, first because they were due for their shots and check-up, and again because we thought they might be having a reaction to the vaccinations. Early Friday I went back to the vet with my cats and my husband because they were indeed having a reaction to the vaccinations and we were very concerned over the fact that our hyper active, always hungry kittens weren’t interested in food, or the window, or anything. It was a very stressful two days which thankfully ended in two back to normal cats, one of whom is sitting on my arm right now so she can kneed on my blanket. Our cats are so much trouble, but we love them so very much and we could not imagine our lives without them.

IMG_20151108_140510Today I am especially thankful for cats, and cat cuddles and funny cat pictures. I am thankful for our Calamity Jane and Pearl Hart who make our lives interesting every day, in so many ways. When we first got married we had to live without cats for about a year and a half before we could move into a place where we were allowed to have them. We loved our old apartment, but it wasn’t worth staying without cats, (and for other reasons, too, but you know; cats.) Appropriately enough, yesterday was the one year anniversary of their first vet visit. The day before that was the one year anniversary of bringing them down to be with my in-laws while we got everything ready for them. They lived with my in-laws for four months before they could come live with us. I am also thankful for my in-laws who were so kind to take in our cats for that long and deal with all their health issues and medications.

Calamity had all the eye issues. She was such a sad looking baby kitten with her eye infections. Her one eye was swollen shut most of the time and the other eye always squinty. We gave her drops and ointments and pills all in that first month or two in order to find something to make her eyes better. Slowly but surely we cleared her all up and thankfully she didn’t have to lose her eye, as we feared she might, or have surgery, or even have sight issues. Her eye still looks a little funny, but she sees perfectly well out of it and we’re so thankful for her full recovery. She’s our little cyborg kitty.

It’s amazing the difference cats can make in your life. It’s nice not to be really home alone anymore. It’s not sitting at home by myself anymore, it’s a day spent hanging out with the cats. It’s nice to have someone be so excited when you come home everyday. Calamity always gets so excited when she hears Logan coming. She often sits by the window and watches the back yard during the day and when she sees him coming up the sidewalk she runs to the door to wait for him.

img_20161101_102242My favorite thing in the world is cat cuddles. A little while ago I did one of those quizzes on Facebook that you ask your husband to answer about you, not to post or anything, just because I was curious and thought it’d be fun. One of the questions was “Where is my favorite place to be?” to which he promptly answered “Under a cat.” While probably not what the question was intended to mean, he’s not wrong. I am happiest when I have a kitty in my lap or snuggled up on my chest or curled up on my feet. As long as they’re touching me, really, I’m happy. It’s best when I get both of them at the same time. I love having Calamity snuggled up to my chin and Pearl stretched out down my legs. Or up my legs. She’s a weird cat. ┬áIt’s especially nice when the weather is cold because cats are basically little, fuzzy, space heaters and our living room is pretty chilly. There are all sorts of supposed health benefits, too, that come with snuggling cats. I don’t know that I actually believe that they improve heart health, but they probably do lower stress and having a purring cat on my lap is very soothing, so there’s that.

img_20160513_214417I am so thankful for our cats and the entertainment they provide us. I’m thankful for kitten snuggles and for chilly day companions. They make our lives so much better, my husband is always so happy to have an evening or a day to snuggle the cats while he games or hangs out on the couch. They have definitely enriched our lives, despite being expensive at the vets, and a little hard on our cleaning. They more than make up for it with their cuddles. Today I am thankful for my cats. What are you thankful for?

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