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Free Writing 1: Vet Day

This is not really how I intended to start my free writing for this year’s NaNoWriMo, but I guess it will do. I’m waiting for it to be time to put my cats in their new carrier so I can take them to the vet for their annual check-up and shots. So that’s fun. They have no idea what’s coming and I want to put it off until the very last minute so they don’t have to spend more time in there than they have to. They hate it, naturally, and they know where the carrier takes them by now so they’re super extra not into it. Pearl especially, I would think, because last time she went to the vet it was for her surgery and that was a highly unpleasant experience, I’m sure. She cooing at me from behind the chair right now, trying to get up? Maybe, who can say with cats. I’m not looking forward to them being pretty mad at me after this.

So normally I’d like to free write before I start working on my novel again. I actually have to go back and reread my novel before I can continue working on it. I’m probably not going to do a whole lot of actual novel writing this year, but I figured I’d use the tracker anyway because it’s so good with the motivation and it’s just so handy. I meant to write a bunch of character background stuff and do a bunch of research before I got into NaNoWriMo this year, but of course that didn’t happen so I’m right back where I left off at the end of July. I figured character writing counts as writing, right? And since it’s writing for the novel it should count for NaNoWriMo too. I don’t know how much will be put into the actual work itself, if anything, but I thought it would be good to work on. I have three characters to work on back story for and some history stuff to work on and some wacky adventures to invent for said characters that will come into play during the course of the novel itself.

Now Calamity is thinking about getting comfy. She has about 20 minutes until she goes into the carrier and it quite unhappy with me. I think I will have to put Pearl in first, though, because Pearl figures things out faster than Calamity does and if she sees her sister go into the carrier, she’ll run and hide super sneaky like and no amount of treats will induce her to come out. I think they’re both figuring out the whole treat trick, anyway. Last time I went to shut them up so we could keep the door open without fear of them escaping they both were super wary of it. I might have to figure something else out. It would be easier, of course, if my husband were here to help, but we did get a carrier with a door in the top to put them in through, so that’s helpful. We used to tilt the other one on it’s back end to lower them in and then we had to tilt it back down with them in it and it was not a fun experience, I imagine.

It’s super rainy today and I’m hoping it holds off a little while I carry the cats around because they do have that opening in the top where all the wet can get at them and I’d rather them not suffer the wet as well as the vet today. That would be so sad. It feels so dark right now, I will have to open the blinds later in hopes of getting some more light maybe. That’s my ten minute mark. As you may know, ten minutes is my time requirement for free-writing. It was a college exercise, so I figure I might as well stick to it. It’s not a free-flowing as my professor would have liked, but this is for normal people to read, so I feel this is probably better. Anyway, welcome to NaNoWriMo, everyone. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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