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The Sound of Rain

Everything is wet. That’s because it rained all day yesterday. The rain seems to be conspiring against us this week as every day my husband has thought about going out to do yard work it’s rained on him. He still managed to trim the bush by our mail box so it’s not whacking us in the face every time we go to leave, but it is a small victory in a long list of things that need done. It rained all day yesterday and it will probably rain all day today. Though since I chose to stay inside today it might now.

I have already told you all about my conflicting feelings towards rain storms. I am perfectly fine with gray skies and wind and rain, but I cannot tolerate any form of lightning or thunder. I am not at all a fan. Thankfully, yesterdays rain storm was just that, a rain storm.  It was pretty soft all day until after my husband got home, thankfully, then it poured for the rest of the evening and into the night. Logan and I spent the evening playing Super Smash Bros. to the sound of rain.

While playing video games is probably not the best activity if you want to actually listen to the rain, I do have a brief list of things that are enhanced by the patter of rain on the windows. Naps, for one, are greatly encouraged by the sound of rain. Reading is always good, painting would also be fun, I think, but I’m not a painter, so I wouldn’t know. Crafts in general, I think, are often soothing and coupled with the soothing sound of the rain would be very relaxing. The whole thing is very romantic; the listening to the rain. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time just sitting and listening while covered in cats. They were very affectionate all day and every time I sat down it seemed one or both of them felt the need to be on me. Cats make every thing better.

Rain is a wonderful mood setter. They go great with a good hot beverage and a good book. I always feel like I want a familiar book, though, when it’s raining. Like I don’t want to start something brand new, I need an old favorite. I have recently been thinking I should pick up Sense and Sensibility for my fall reading. Last year I read Pride and Prejudice and enjoyed it greatly. The year before that I read Northanger Abbey and it was weird, but also enjoyable. I do so love the movie version of Sense and Sensibility, with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. Of course anything with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson can’t help but be delightful, but still. My issue is, while I enjoy the movie, I’m not sure if I can handle it in book form. I do want to shake Marianne very often throughout the story, but I think it might be worth it. My other options are Mansfield Park or Persuasion, but never Emma. I cannot stand Emma even in movie form or mini series form for that matter and I refuse to read about her. I know that’s the point of the book is that practically nobody is likable but still. At any rate, I’m still technically in the middle of another book, but I own it and the next one so there is no concern about finishing it over quickly. I could put it on hold for an Austen.

The weather, last I saw it, was forecasting rain today as well and it is rather dark looking outside, and still very wet. Today I have a sign to make and cleaning to do, which I feel could go either way with the rain. The rain will be soothing, yes, but also dark and depressing and cleaning is depressing, so I’m not sure if it’ll be made better by the addition of rain sounds. But, I have a warm cup of coffee and I might even enjoy some tea this afternoon if it’s still gloomy. Tea is a great afternoon drink. Coffee is for getting you through the day, as well as enjoyment. Tea is definitely a drink for soothing and pleasure. I hope the weather looks better where you are, and if not, I hope you’re enjoying the sound of rain. Have a lovely day, dear friends.

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