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Good morning, friends. Today I discovered that my Friday post has disappeared. I have no idea why or how, but it’s gone. I’m really sorry about that. I have no idea if it’s possible to get it back, or even where to look. I’ll have my husband look into it, possibly when he gets home, but in the mean time, if you really wanted to hear me rant about fall, you’ll have to look for last years.

This week we are hoping to enjoy a plan free week. We have our usual Tuesday and Wednesday commitments, but other than that our evenings are totally free. That’s like a whole half a week of free evenings. We have decided to keep it this way because we’re notorious for making too many plans and running ourselves into the ground. Specifically my husband. The running into the ground part, I feel like the plans are mostly my fault. I don’t go out every day, so all the evening plans don’t get to me as much as they do to him, seeing as he goes to work and then has to also go to D&D or dinner with so-in-so or movies with friends or what have you. So instead of going to homecoming like good alumni, we took Saturday for a chill day.

It was pretty wonderful, actually. We slept in until like 10:30, which Logan never gets to do, and then drank coffee and chilled on the couch for a while. Logan grabbed a shower at some point and we proceeded to leave the house for my birthday outing, a week late. As is tradition, we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger in Cranberry. This 50s themed burger joined used to be right beside the movie theater back home but closed down my senior year of college and then moved to Cranberry the fall after I got married. It was super exciting, actually, because Cranberry is like 40 minutes closer to us than Monaca. They have the best onion rings, and I didn’t even like onion rings when I first discovered them. They also have pretty awesome fries and cheese sauce for dipping. I got my usual chicken sandwich and we ordered a best of both basket to split; a large that’s meant to feed 3-6 people. The best of both is supposed to be fries and onion rings. They brought out a large fry, but no onion rings, so I asked about it when they brought out our food and the girl went back and brought out a large onion rings as well. So needless to say, I’ll be eating fries and onion rings for lunch today, as well as half my chicken sandwich. Because that is how Cheeburger works.

After our glorious lunch we ran home to drop off the left overs and some shopping we had done before heading out to the park to enjoy the wonderfully cool weather. Seriously, I put on an actually sweater to go out, it was awesome. We went to our favorite park to walk around and catch Pokemon before sitting on a bench to read comics. We usually stop and grab comics from the local comic book shop, but this time we decided to just grab some of our backlog and go with it. I read the first issue of the Big Hero 6 manga and cried behind my sunglasses. There’s this great spot in the park that has three Pokestops in a triangle so we always hang out there. It also happens to be a very lovely butterfly garden and gazebo, so that helps.

To end the night we did some gaming and watched the Justice League cartoon. It was quite the lovely evening. This week we have some house work to do, so it won’t be quite as chill as it could be, but at least the weather will still be cool for most of it. I’m also getting ready for a baby shower on Saturday that I’m helping out with, so I have a couple of projects to finish before then, but we don’t have to go out and be social, and that goes a long way for introverts like us. I hope you’re week is a chill as ours, my friends.


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