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Bigger and Better?

phonesI mentioned to you briefly that I had managed to break my phone. It’s always the fall that you think, “oh it’s fine, that wasn’t bad,” that is actually the screen shattering disaster you’ve been praying will never come. I would like to point out that this is the first screen I’ve broken in the two years I’ve owned a smart phone. Especially given my Farkas blood and our tendency toward destruction, I feel that’s a pretty good record. I do feel bad that, however, that said phone lasted through two other owners before it came to me and here it died. I mean it still works, but it’s not great to use. So, seeing as it was just about time to get me a new phone anyway, and the now cracked phone was a hold-over anyway, My husband hopped online on Sunday and ordered me a new phone with a new case and screen protectors. We got one day shipping so I spent my day yesterday waiting for the FedEx guy to finally come so I could stop watching intently out the door.

I have had less trouble with FedEx since we moved down here, but in another phone related story, my dad had to chase down the FedEx truck my junior year of college to get the phone that was supposed to be delivered the week before. Said FedEx guy had come and stuck a note on our door without knocking and drove off with the package the Friday before and then tried to do the same thing on Monday. Unfortunately for him, my dad is a super hero. So, despite the fact that my old phone was still usable, and I could have lasted another day, I’m also not going to be here all day to wait for him, so it would have gone to Thursday if the FedEx guy here pulled something like that. So I wasted my day sitting in my chair staring at the open door, ready to spring as soon as I saw someone. Apparently I didn’t need to sign for the phone and the guy left it on my porch without knocking or anything, so I didn’t really have to worry, but I did.

So the thing about phones these days is they’re all huge. All of them. When we got my first smartphone we purposefully looked for a small one so I could fit it in my pocket. My husband had a bigger phone for the time and I didn’t want one that big. Well, my choices for a smaller phone this time around were an iphone, which I’m not into, or a budget option for Motorola that would be smaller, yes, would be cheap, yes, but would also be not as good and slightly outdated. I decided if my smallest option, the budget phone, was still going to be too big for most of my pockets, being the size of my husbands old phone, I might as well go for the better phone and get a purse I could actually find it in. So we ordered the newest Motorola, because I’m pretty fond of my first one and it was super affordable. I just didn’t realize how big it actually was.

I new it was going to be bigger, because everything is bigger. I just didn’t think to ask how big it actually was. It’s huge. It is ever so slightly bigger than my husbands new phone, which is big. It’s too big to firmly grasp with one hand and use it with my thumb kind of big. It’s a good thing I got all the protective outer layers for it, because it’s unwieldy and I’m clumsy. So I have to ask, is it actually better to have a bigger phone? Is bigger really better here? I’ve had it for about half a day now, so I don’t think I can answer that yet, but thus far, I’m struggling to see the benefits. I get the whole, bigger screen means easier to see, thing, means more apps you can fit on there thing, the better resolution and all that, but really, is it worth not being able to use it with one hand?  I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually, but I do feel bad. I think I preferred my old small phone.

The real problem is pockets. You’d think that the fashion industry could keep up with the phone industry and enlarge the pockets on women’s pants to match the ever increasing phone sizes. But no. Women’s pockets persist in being undersized or nonexistent. It’s super not fair when my brother pulls out his new phone, which is similar in size to mine and yet has plenty of room in his pockets when mine barely fits in my shorts, and I know won’t fit in most of my pants. We need a pocket revolution! We need to demand pocket equality! My brother suggested we start our own clothing line that is focused solely on making women’s pants with sufficient pockets. I think we should.

Until that takes off and I can rally the revolt against tiny female pockets, I got a new purse so that I can actually find my phone in it easily. It was about time for me to get a bag that wasn’t a black hole. I’m kind of a hoarder and I tend to put all the things in my bag, simply because they’ll fit. So I was going to downsize anyway, simply for the organizational advantages. I got a very nice purse at a thrift store last week and finally got around to switching it yesterday. This is yet another thing I will have to get used to. I can’t carry all of my electronics around with me. I shall have to choose. I know I will adjust to all these size related changes, but for now I’ll just have to flounder my way around my large phone and my smaller bag and hope for the best.

I hope you have a lovely day, my friends.


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