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Rain on My Tomatoes

This is the thing about summer that I always forget. It rains, a lot. Thunderstorms run rampant around our county, unchecked, unchallenged, thundering at will… wait, that’s a movie, never mind. Anyway, we’ve had quite a few thunderstorms and I’m not sure if they are good or bad for my tomatoes. I have to worry about my tomatoes because they’re the only things that seem to really be growing. My jalapeno has not grown anymore and it’s little friend has also not grown any, and it’s leaves are all yellow and I just don’t know what to do with it. I can’t stop watering it because the sky keeps doing that for me. But the tomatoes persist and have pretty much take over the back and part of the front of the garden as well.

Betty is an uncooperative plant, which makes sense, seeing as I named her after the one sister from White Christmas. Betty and Bob are my tomato plants and Betty keeps tipping over. I know this is why we planted them along the fence, so that I could tie them back but Bob is so well behaved I didn’t think about it too much until Betty fell over. It’s always after a big rain storm that she flops. So I woke up one Sunday and she had fallen over so I ran out with some yarn and tied her back to the fence. Apparently the part I tied back was not the main part of her because she grew up and out and flopped over again last night. We got back from my in-laws and I went to look and there she was, all bent over and floppish. So I got more string and I righted her again and tied her back by another point. We’ll see if I have to tie her again, I might just to be safe, but we’ll see.

Despite the early tomato that just fell off and didn’t turn red or anything, my tomato plants seem to be make up for lost time by producing all the tomatoes at once. There are at least ten that I can see between them. Bob has a cluster of like four on one branch. Bob is a very good tomato plant, he tries so hard. He had that first tomato that didn’t work out and he’s growing nicely into the fence so I haven’t had to tie him or anything, he just secured himself. He’s got a pretty big tomato that I’m hoping will turn red soon. I would really like to be able to eat things from our garden this year, even if the jalapenos didn’t work out. Next year I think I will try two plants so that they can keep each other company and I have a great chance of one working out and maybe I’ll be able to figure out what I’m doing.

Despite the havoc it’s caused with my tomato plant, I kind of like the rain. I hate the thundering part, but I enjoy the rain itself. It can be soothing to listen to and interesting to watch out the window and it’s always a good excuse to curl up with a book and a hot cup of tea. Or hot chocolate, which is my preferred rainy day drink. There’s just something so romantic about reading while it rains. Writing too. It’s good for mood writing, if you’re in that kind of mood, I guess. If only it wouldn’t thunder so much. I realize that kind of comes with the heat, but it is unfortunate. Luckily our recent storms have been very short lived. They’ve gone from sunny to raining and back to sunny again usually within an hour. We had a tiny baby one on Saturday that lasted just long enough for us to debate going to eat or not and ended in time for us to get some more walking in. It was nice after the rain, for a little while at least. Then the sun came back and it was uncomfortably hot again. That’s life, I guess.

Today is the last day of rain until Friday, according to the forecast on my phone. We’ll see how that goes. I’m supposed to go swimming tomorrow and hopefully this time it’ll actually work out. We’ve been trying all summer to go swimming and it has yet to work. Tomorrow looks partially cloudy, but clear of rain at least, and our back up day looks worse than our first day, so hopefully tomorrow will be good. I have an early appointment on Wednesday so I will probably see you perhaps Thursday if I am feeling ambitious or Friday if not. Until then, have a lovely day, my friends.

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