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Book Sales and Tea Parties

So I realize that this is getting to you in the late afternoon and not at all morning coffee time, however, I have had a rather long day of book shopping already, so this is what you get. This week has been quite the adventure since Wednesday and it’s just the beginning to our make up anniversary weekend extravaganza. And by extravaganza I mean two evenings of probably doing nothing but chilling in recovery mode from a long week.

Okay, so to start our adventures for the end of the way we dropped our car off to get inspected on Wednesday night after making scones and eating picnic food with friends and Bible study. Good times and all that. So we drop off the car and drive home in my in-law’s Focus, which is super different from Gypsy. My brother’s graduation was Thursday so I dropped Logan off at work and came home to get ready for a tea party.

My dear friend Dakota lives in Florida now. She is, however, in town for her final writing course before finishing her masters degree. So she stopped by on her way to the campus she’ll be staying at for the next ten days to catch up and have some tea. I’ve never hosted a tea party before and I was super excited both to see Dakota again and to break out my fancy tea things. I don’t have a matching tea set or anything, though I might invest in one just so I can have more tea parties. I just pulled out the tea cups I got for Christmas a few years ago and the fancy Irish tea pot my best friend gave me as a late wedding/birthday present and it all worked out pretty well. I made chicken salad sandwiches on croissants to be super fancy, and served said scones made on Wednesday, in blueberry and chocolate chip. It all turned out better than expected, except the scones, which I already knew would be good. It was delightful to catch up with Dakota and have tea.

After Dakota left I washed my tea things and put away the left overs before running out to pick up Logan and adventure up to my brother’s graduation dinner. He graduated DCI’s Computer networking program so they had a little ceremony with a dinner before hand, it was actually quite nice for a graduation. I’m super proud of my brother and happy he’s finally found something that he enjoys doing. He was the only one from his class to show up for graduation, though, so there’s a picture somewhere of just him and a bunch of ladies from the other programs.

My in-laws, being the lovely humans that they are, picked up our car for us yesterday so we didn’t have to try and work that into our crazy schedule. Since they were going to the giant Half-Priced Books annual clearance sale in Monroeville anyway I figured I would just meet them there and swap cars. They invited me to come to breakfast as well with them and some friends so I dropped Logan off again this morning and then went out to eat, which was quite lovely.

After breakfast we went over to the convention center for the giant sale. Everything was two dollars or less. They have all the books and movies and games and CDs and some vinal stuff too, and it’s crazy! So we got there around 10:30 and left around 1:50. That last fifty minutes was just waiting in line and checking out. Actually checking out was super quick, but the line did wrap around one side of the room and then back around the other side. It was intense. I got a handful of books and several movies and we’ll probably go back tomorrow to look at comics and stuff.

So that’s why I’m writing to you at 3 pm instead of 10 am. I had a long morning full of sorting through long tables full of books and movies and finding things that I wanted and deciding I didn’t need it, even if it was only $2. And now Calamity has claimed my arm as her own and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get up again, even though I have to pee. That’s life, I guess. In an hour I’ll go pick up Logan and we’ll figure out what we want to do for our make up anniversary. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it on Monday. Until then, have a lovely day and a lovely weekend, my friends.


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