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Writing Struggles

I started National Novel Writing Month, Camp edition with a pretty good buffer. I started with 2,000 words out of a 20,000 word goal so that’s 10% of my goal right there. I was doing really well for about a week at keeping up with writing 1,000 words every day and I was really proud of the progress I made… and then our anniversary happened and Logan got sick and I was busy and basically no writing happened for like three days, which obliterated my buffer completely, and then the weekend happened. I don’t generally write on weekends and especially weekends when we leave the house at ten and don’t get back until like 8:30 or later. So most weekends.

I’m faced with the daunting task now of getting my word count back up to where it should be and then trying to keep it there. I’m almost to 10,000, and I need to be at like 11,600 by the end of the day. When I was super fresh and excited and getting into the story at the beginning it was pretty easy to manage 1,000 words in one day, but this isn’t even that, this is nearly 2,000 words I need to write today and it’s rather intimidating. I’m in the thick of it now and there are a lot of characters to introduce and a lot of world set up to do and I am definitely not as prepared as I should be at this point. I’m explaining the world and why it is the way it is to the main character who is from our world and trying to make it sound reasonable and not contrived and too expositiony. I also have yet to decide if I want to switch perspectives between her and other characters or if I want to keep the focus from her point of view. I mean I’ve already dipped into the watch’s point of view a little bit, but I’m not sure if that counts.

Anyway, I have a lot of words to write before my husband gets home and also a lot of projects to do. A friend is coming on Thursday and I have to finish the gift I’m making for her by then so I can give it to her to take home with her. I mean I could technically send it to her in the mail, but she’ll be here and it would be silly not to give it to her now. I also have a gift to start for a friend I’m seeing in a few weeks that I promised I would make and I then totally forgot about in all the baby clothes making excitement, which is also now on pause for everything else. I also got a coloring book. It may have been a bad life decision. I don’t need other things to do, I totally have enough. Luckily, I don’t have any crayons or colored pencils at my disposal just now, so I’m pretty safe from that.

So wish me luck today, I’m going to need it. There’s lots of thundering going on outside, which might be a construction equipment down the street, it’shard to tell. I’m going to assume it’s thunder, though, until proven wrong and hide inside with my cats and not go out searching for Pokemon. I’ll just keep reminding myself that I’ve turned out lots of three page papers in a day during my college years and this is basically just a little more than that, right? Three page paper, here we go. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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